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Dementia, creativity and napkins… yes napkins!

Written by Rebecca Lenton A chance discovery by textile artist Deirdre Nelson has led to a valuable therapy for dementia patients in the form of napkin folding. Whilst creating artworks for Brunelcare’s new Saffron Gardens dementia care home Deirdre noticed that residents were often fascinated by the textured edges of items. In particular they would […]

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When helpers become the enemy

This week’s storyteller is Sally.After years of being his wife’s carer, Sally’s father began to believe that everyone coming into his home wanted to poison him or steal his treasures. In this first part of her story, Sally describes how her father slipped into delusional paranoia and how his family struggled to help. After more […]

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When saving stuff becomes hoarding

This week’s storyteller has chosen to be anonymous. A lifetime’s tendency to keep stuff just in case can reach epic proportions in old age. Is it a problem? When we visit H’s aunt these days, we’re not invited across the threshold to her flat. We were when she first moved in, although even then it […]

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The plight of Parkinson’s

Written by Rebecca Lenton In honour of Parkinson’s Awareness Week 2013 we have a special story from the grandchild of Britain’s leading 20th-century naval historian whose death marked the loss of a great man who gave his all as a naval officer, father, grandfather and historian. Parkinson’s made him pay the price for his amazing […]

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In, out, shake it all about

This week’s storyteller has chosen to be anonymous.AKA the endless saga of life with and without a catheter. An eurgh yuk ow sort of story. This is a story that began back in the days before I started paying attention. In those golden years when my parents could get in the car and drive themselves […]

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