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Time out. Have fun, be pampered, lose the guilt. You deserve it! Thoughts on calm and happiness

How to get a better night’s sleep

Collaborative Post Sleep is vital. And the more we learn about it, the more we realise just how essential it is. Any time you’ve had a bad night’s sleep you’ll know that your batteries haven’t been recharged properly. But get too little sleep long-term and it can lead to serious health problems including depression, becoming […]

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Caring for Elderly Parents: 9 Helpful Tips

Collaborative Post Taking care of seniors can be a challenging task. Not only do you have to provide them with mental support, but you also need to help them with everyday tasks. If you are feeling overwhelmed, it is completely understandable. We want to help you so that you can become the best caregiver in […]

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Self-Care Tips for Seniors

Collaborative Post Are you a bit confused about self-help or what you can do for self-care? Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to start. Self-care doesn’t mean having to go on a month-long yoga retreat or giving up chocolate forever. Here are some simple suggestions that are ideal for seniors. Keep A Gratitude Journal […]

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How to Stay Healthy and Well as You Age

Collaborative Post Getting older can be a challenging time in your life but it doesn’t have to be, with the right approach and mindset. You can take actions that will keep you healthy and well as you age and you experience changes to your life and schedule. There’s a lot that still remains in your […]

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4 Old Age Health Issues You Don’t Have to Fear

Collaborative Post Are you worried about your health as you get older? You’re not alone and it’s true that there are certain health issues that can become more problematic as you age. However, there are lots of other health issues that you don’t need to panic about. They don’t even have to impact your quality […]

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Self-care advice for family caregivers

Older people often need additional assistance to enjoy their lives, especially those staying at home through their golden years. For family members, it is both an act of love and a pleasure to enable our relatives to retain as much independence as possible, but that doesn’t make caregiving any easier. Here is some helpful self-care […]

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Is buying a home a terrifying prospect?

Collaborative Post Many people have all kinds of goals in their life. From their career to their personal life, the concept of having “made it” or “succeeded” in life is something that can often be intensely personal and specific. However, there are few things in life that better represent having reached a level that you […]

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Tips on choosing a ring as a symbol of eternity

Collaborative Post When you’re choosing a ring, the harmony between the everyday life of jewellery and its expressiveness is important. There are thousands of different designs, such as wedding bands, solitaires, signet rings, white and yellow gold, with or without stones.  How can you choose the most attractive ring at a suitable price to last a lifetime? […]

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