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Home, car, travel and more – what are the implications for insurance when you’re older?

Benefits of Over 50s Life Insurance for Your Parents

Collaborative Post Discussing life insurance and funeral plans with a parent is never an easy task. However, when your parents have reached a certain age, it’s incredibly important that you know what your parents would like for their funeral and whether they have a life insurance policy in place. Perhaps your parents have come to […]

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Why you need to ensure travel insurance declarations include mental health conditions

We know we need to declare physical conditions and medications when we’re looking for travel insurance, but how many of us think about notifying insurers of mental health issues? Or are even sure what constitutes such a condition? According to AllClear, a specialist medical travel insurance provider, many older travellers aren’t declaring mental health issues […]

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How to find the right life insurance for your parent

If your parent is considering life insurance for the first time and faces bewilderment at the level of choice Ashley Shepherd, Managing Director of Over50choices, offers his guidance through a diverse market. Firstly, you should review any policies your parent may already have in place and consider whether there is a need for a new […]

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