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The Benefits of Encouraging Your Loved Ones to Get Online

Collaborative Post Traditionally, older people have been slow to adopt new technology, most notably internet use, and although this is starting to change, there are still a significant number of elderly people – more than 2 million over-75s are not online – who have yet to adopt internet usage. This is such a shame, especially […]

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The best mobile phone for seniors: 6 top tips

Collaborative Post More than 95% of UK households own at least one mobile phone, and a significant proportion of people have access to a smartphone. Although smartphone usage among the older population is increasing, they’re still the demographic that’s least likely to own or use a smartphone in the UK. However, the features and functionality […]

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Keeping the family connected with computer games

With seasonal festivities on the horizon, it’s time to plan for family get togethers – whether they’re real or virtual. If being in the same home isn’t going to be possible, then how can we connect our older family members with our own household, and particularly the grandchildren? Here are a few free, easy and […]

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Virtual tours and experiences for seniors

The world is a strange place right now and 2020 has shown us the important role that technology plays in being able to stay connected during these difficult times. In particular, using virtual experiences to stay close to loved ones and being able to continue enjoying the world even when you can’t go much further […]

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Why and How to Teach Loved Ones Online Skills

Collaborative Post We tend to take our technology skills for granted. From unlocking our phones to choosing an app, we need to use fast. To loading up our PCs and within a few clicks, we’re checking our emails. For others who haven’t been brought up in a world that’s almost run by technology, they most […]

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