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Helping an Older Relative to Use Their Smartphone

Collaborative Post One of the great things about the technologically-driven age we now live in is that people who might otherwise be isolated have a means of staying in touch with those that matter to them. The learning curve on many modern devices can sometimes be steep – but if there’s a younger, savvier relative […]

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Communication Tools That Will Help Your Ageing Parents Keep In Touch

Collaborative Post Seniors who stay in touch with their loved ones are less likely to feel lonely or socially isolated. A recent study found that 2.6 million older adults don’t have contact with other people daily. This is why it’s so important to help your parents to stay connected to their nearest and dearest as they get older. Here […]

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Reducing the cost of broadband

Collaborative Post When it comes to keeping bills low, it helps to keep broadband affordable. In this guide we’ll look at why tariffs get high and how to find better, cheaper options. Broadband is a vital service utility that has a monthly contract that needs to be managed and budgeted for. As another household expense, […]

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How Seniors are Using the Cloud in 2022

Collaborative Post Cloud technology continues to develop gradually as more seniors embrace technology every day. And there’s little doubt that digital innovators are trying to discover new methods to advertise their platforms and tools to them. As per Pew Research, 40% of seniors now own smartphones. Cloud-based technologies are still nascent and are still in […]

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How to Become Tech-Savvy at an Older Age in 7 Easy Steps

Collaborative Post Technology has had a major effect on today’s world. However, while younger people have been brought up with emerging gadgets and devices, it can be difficult for seniors to understand the increasing range of technological advancements. Learning how to use digital devices and developing key skills can make your life easier in many […]

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How to help your loved ones make the most of online shopping

Collaborative Post Online shopping is a great experience and an excellent service, which can make your life easier. Unfortunately, not all older people can safely work out online shopping, even though the convenience of online shopping would be incredibly useful to them, especially if they have any mobility issues. So, to help you inform your […]

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Becoming more tech-savvy – 8 tips for seniors

Collaborative Post Today’s world is being drastically changed by technology. And, while younger generations have been brought up with emerging tech, it can be difficult for seniors to understand and use the increasing range of devices and gadgets. Of course, you might be aware of how activity monitoring technology can improve elderly people’s quality of […]

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