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How do the children, grandchildren, friends and other relatives find a way to work together to support older people?

How to sleep better when you have insomnia

Hands up, who has problems sleeping?

Ah yes, lots of you. And I’m in there too. For me, getting off to sleep is easy. It’s staying asleep that’s the difficult bit. And then getting back to sleep. Broken sleep started with small children, continued through eldercare, and it’s still with me. Yet, as many of you may have found, health professionals […]

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Tips that will help you make your very first investment

Collaborative Post Making your very first investment can seem daunting. You may feel as though you have so much on the line and that your lack of experience is only setting you up for failure. This is not the case at all, and you would be surprised at how a little work can really go […]

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Is Now A Good Time In Your Life To Buy A Holiday Home?

Collaborative Post Whether you’re already retired, or you like the freedom of still working part time, you’re probably thinking about everything you can do with the money you’ve worked your whole life to earn and own. You might want to travel the world, and see all the places you dreamed about as a young adult, […]

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How to Prepare for Your Retirement

Collaborative Post Retirement is something that we all greatly look forward to, not least because we don’t have to work anymore. And after 50 years of working hard to keep ourselves afloat, we deserve some time to sit back, relax, and do all of the things that we’ve always wanted to do. However, when retirement […]

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4 Ways to Organise your Retirement Finances

Collaborative Post Whether you have already retired or you’re preparing to do it, having your finances in order is essential. There are many ways you can start organising your finances as you get older and you have to start thinking about how to manage your money when you’re no longer working. Some people choose to […]

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How to Enjoy Your Retirement Fund

Collaborative Post Planning for retirement is something that most of us have been taught from a young age as something that’s important. However, retirement doesn’t look the same for everyone and whilst the norm up until now has been to save that money and use the retirement fund to live off. Things have changed a […]

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Reduce Stress In Old Age With These 3 Tips

Collaborative Post Getting old is an inevitable part of life, and different people look at it from different perspectives. For some people, it is the start of a new point in their lives, where they can truly relax and enjoy life, with no work-related stress, no worry of raising a young family, no peer pressure […]

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Dressing to suit your style personality at any age

Body shapes, skin tones and fashion tastes change throughout our lives, and for anyone who likes to look as good as they can at any age, revisiting personal style can be a great idea. People do care about appearance throughout their lives. The anti-ageing sector current accounts for 42% of total skincare spend, while a […]

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