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Bringing family to live in our home or encouraging them to share with others. What are the pros and cons?

3 Tips for Preparing Your Home to Move in an Elderly Relative

Collaborative Post As our loved ones get older, the time may come when they need more care than can be provided when living alone. If this is the case, you and your relative may come to the decision that the best option for you and your family is for them to move in. This is […]

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How to make homeshares work: top 5 tips

Alternative ways of living as we get older, compared to the more conventional routes, are fast gaining pace.  People are increasingly seeking different options, and interest in homesharing arrangements has soared in recent years because of its ability to address several key issues society faces. Caroline Cooke, director at social enterprise Share and Care Homeshare, […]

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5 Tips for Designing the Perfect Granny Flat

Collaborative Post Installing a granny flat on your property is an increasingly popular choice for those looking to ensure that their elderly relatives are close enough to receive care when needed, but still retain the independence of living alone. If you want to provide a place to move your elderly loved ones into, then here […]

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3 Home Renovation Tips for Moving in Older Relatives

Collaborative Post Caring for our older relatives is something that many of us undertake at some point in our lives. This can mean visiting them every day to ensure that they have everything they need, seeing to their utilities, completing their washing and food shopping, and ensuring that they take any medication that they might […]

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How to adjust your home to suit an older relative

Collaborative Post However much we put off thinking about the realities of the aging process, we cannot deny the toll that time takes on our bodies and minds. Living to a ripe old age is indisputably a blessing but one which comes with many strings attached, including physical deterioration that can be anywhere between bothersome […]

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Caregiving tips for older family members at home

While homes for the elderly may be the most practical option for busy people, many still want to have their elderly parents home and care for them there. For those who do, the idea of being together with the people who have cared for them all their lives is a gift. Their wisdom and experiences […]

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