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Health issues

Meeting the physical challenges of later years

What to expect from new hearing aids

As a long-term hearing aid user myself, I know what it’s like to be in a loop where your hearing deteriorates and then new technology brings you jumping back into the world. Jumping is the right word too, because a step up in audio capability can make your environment sound suddenly very noisy. The benefits […]

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How to prepare for and recover from a hip replacement

Collaborative Post According to reports from the National Joint Registry, there are an estimated 160,000 hip and knee replacements every year within the UK. Preparing for a hip replacement can be an apprehensive time. It can be both physically and emotionally tiring, causing unwanted stress ahead of your procedure. But try not to worry. Understanding […]

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The latest on staying healthy in later life

We report on the latest news and research around enjoying a prolonged and healthy life in senior years. The herb rosemary may be useful in fighting Covid-19 and other inflammatory diseases such as Alzheimer’s according to US research. Preliminary results suggest that the carsonic acid, present in the herb, can impede interactions between the virus […]

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Home adaptions for the less mobile

Making mobility adjustments within your home can be a daunting but necessary step towards improving the quality of life for either yourself, or of those closest to you. The experts at money.co.uk have put together a list of different mobility aids and the considerations to take into account when making choices, as well as potential […]

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Afraid of the dentist? 3 ways to help you face your dental fears

Collaborative Post Are you scared to go to the dentist? Does your heart begin to race at the thought of treatment? Know that you are not alone. Having a fear of the dentist is common. Around twelve per cent of Brits suffer from dental anxiety. Some people’s anxious feelings stem from bad experiences, while others have […]

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Critical Health Issues to Look Out For as You Get Older

Collaborative Post There are a lot of health concerns that can arise as we get older. It is crucial to live a healthy life in order to mitigate the impact of ageing on our bodies. While a healthy lifestyle can help prevent many common issues, it is still essential to know the signs to look […]

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Reducing the risks of Type 2 diabetes

What’s the latest thinking on diabetes risk and treatment? Having just been through a Type 2 diabetes scare, I can confirm that there are a myriad of theories and approaches around how to avoid, reverse or manage the disease. Here is a roundup of some of the latest thinking. And if you think it’s contradictory […]

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