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How to Help an Older Person Settle Back Home After Surgery

Collaborative Post Recovering from surgery can be challenging no matter how old you might be, but an older person can need a lot more care, and their recovery might be longer. There could be physical problems afterwards as well, and all of this needs to be taken into account so that you can ensure they’re […]

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Neglect of the elderly in hospitals: is this a real problem?

Collaborative Post In this article, we’re looking at neglect of the elderly in hospitals and investigating the real extent of this problem. Medical negligence is a growing concern and issue in the UK for many GP practices and hospitals. It’s a sad fact that, in UK hospitals, a considerable number of elderly patients are abused […]

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The Next of Kin Myth

There’s a strong belief that if someone loses capacity to make decisions for themselves for some reason – perhaps an accident or dementia – then the next of kin can take responsibility. But actually both the concept and the rights of next of kin are not as clear cut as we might think. Here are […]

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