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What to wear when spring is in the air

Product review Spring is my favourite season. Along with autumn. And Christmas. So I was really pleased to join with Cotton Traders to celebrate the arrival of spring with a couple of items from their new range of bright and bold colours to welcome the warmer weather. Sadly, we’re not quite there yet, so styling […]

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What to wear in autumn

After one of our hottest summers ever in the UK, we’re winding down in to autumn. But it’s a shame not to take advantage of the dry days still, even if it’s getting a bit cooler. Not only is it a joy to get those last rays of sun in the great outdoors, but the […]

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2 Ways You Can Spoil Your Elderly Parents While Working Abroad

Collaborative Post Many people have jobs that require a lot of travel. This is a fun way to see the world and everything it has to offer, but sometimes it can get tricky, especially when you’re not home for a loved one’s birthday. Technology has advanced in such a manner that you can talk to […]

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