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Christmas Eve traditions

Christmas Eve traditions across the generations

Traditions abound around festivities, and that’s particularly true of Christmas. Yet amongst all the eating and drinking, decorating and carolling, and giving and receiving, we don’t often talk about the most excitable time – just before heading for bed on Christmas Eve. Do you have Christmas Eve traditions? Have they been carefully handed down through […]

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4 ways you can celebrate your retirement

Collaborative Post Are you about to retire? Then this is likely to be a hugely emotional time as you transition into the next stage of your life. It’s important to commemorate this momentous occasion in a way that works for you. Not only will celebrating help you honour all the hard work you’ve done over […]

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Five Gift Ideas for the Older People in Your LIfe

Collaborative Post If there is a senior in your life with a special occasion on the horizon, it’s time to think about a special gift for them. However, buying a gift for an older person can be tricky, especially when they are pick or don’t value the same things as you. So, here are five […]

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Top 5 Party Accessories for Granny’s Fun Parties

Collaborative Post Granny’s fun parties are an event that has been around for generations. The perfect combination of fun and nostalgia, it is the ideal opportunity to catch up with old friends and enjoy some delicious treats. Everyone brings something unique to the table and enjoys crafting together or playing a classic game like charades […]

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The Greatest Gifts for Grandad: The Birthday Edition

Your grandad is probably right at the heart of your family. He’s the patriarch (in a good way) of your clan, and you probably have a lot to thank him for. He and your gran probably babysat you when you were just a little thing; they took you to the park and for ice cream […]

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Best Wines for Your Halloween Party

Collaborative Post The Halloween Party season has grown from the trick-and-treat children’s party to a more adult-orientated celebration. So now it’s more of a wine pairing with some suitably Halloween-themed dishes that have become so popular. Let’s look at some great wines to turn your party into a celebration of food and wine. How about […]

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Memorable Ways to Spend a 50th Birthday

Collaborative Post We all live such busy lives that all too often, we forget to slow down and appreciate the people around us, but it’s important to cherish the time we have with the ones we love. Here are some memorable ways to celebrate a special 50th birthday. Take a Spa Day Pamper the person […]

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