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How can we help the elderly to avoid feeling isolated wherever they live?

How Flowers Can Help Alleviate Loneliness Among Seniors

Collaborative Post Loneliness can be a silent struggle for many seniors… a saddening truth that often goes unacknowledged. Yet, something as simple as flowers might offer solace and connection. They are more than just a splash of colour. They can be emissaries of emotion, carrying profound psychological benefits to our elders who may feel isolated […]

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Helping to challenge loneliness

As the UK Campaign to End Loneliness closes under its current title and reopens in a new home at the Centre for Loneliness Studies at Sheffield Hallam University, it’s a good time to reflect on its findings to date. The Campaign was established in 2011 and has unearthed useful facts and strategies. While we often […]

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The Importance of Staying Social as You Get Older

Collaborative Post As you get older, it’s important to stay social. There are many benefits, including reducing your risk of loneliness, improving your mental health, and keeping your brain sharp. Loneliness can be a major problem for older adults. A study published in the Journal of Gerontology found that loneliness is associated with a greater risk […]

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Keeping Them Company, Wherever You Are

Collaborative Post As our parents grow older, it’s time for us to take care of them just like they did for us when we were children, because isn’t that the very least we can do? However, busy schedules and sometimes even vast time zones don’t make this as easy as we’d like, and that’s a […]

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