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Advice and experience to help you support and protect your parents and their rights.

How to Protect Your Valuables as You Get Older

Collaborative Post Keeping track of all of your possessions can be difficult as you get older. You might find that you’re constantly misplacing items, and have to spend five minutes rooting around for your keys every time you leave the house. For smaller, more valuable items, this problem is even more pressing, as these are […]

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The pros and cons of equity release

Collaborative Post Equity release helps provide homeowners with a sum of money or an income in exchange for part of the value of their home. It’s ideal for people above the age of 55 who need an injection of cash to help supplement them, but don’t want to sell their home. Why do people choose […]

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Tips for Helping a Relative Financially Prepare for Retirement

Collaborative Post Preparing for retirement could be a stressful and challenging time for an elderly person. Although retirement can be an exciting milestone to reach, the transition into this new stage of life is very difficult for some. If you have an elderly relative who is currently preparing for retirement, then there are a number […]

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The importance of having an up-to-date Will

Once we finally get around to writing a Will, it’s very easy to put it in a drawer, marked ‘Job done’, and forget about it. Our expert guest blogger explains why that approach could mean problems later, and why it’s important to make sure a Will is current and clear.  The date of a Will, […]

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Should you use XE for cheap and reliable transfers?

Collaborative Post Do you need to regularly transfer money abroad? Alternatively, are you thinking about investing in a property or any other major asset outside of the UK? If so, you will be interested in finding the most reliable and affordable way to transfer your currency. Banks are notoriously inefficient and expensive, but are the […]

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Why and When to Write People Out of Your Will

Collaborative Post Thinking about cutting someone out of your Will? Here are the reasons you might want to do so, and how you can do so effectively… When it comes to writing a Will, there’s plenty to consider, not least who you want to leave your estate to. That said, despite the expectation of who […]

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Finance tips that will help you as an older person

Collaborative Post Older people have so much to think about when it comes to money. They have to think about retirement, insurance, bills, pensions and more. All of this can be overwhelming, but it is essential that you manage and monitor your money so that it can help you in later life. Of course, everyone’s […]

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