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How can you find helpful, reliable and appropriate care for your parent, wherever they choose to live?

What qualities should you look for in care staff?

Collaborative Post Whether you work in care home management or you’re looking for freelance carers to look after someone you know, finding the right staff is essential. Caring is a challenging yet rewarding profession, but you need the right qualities and traits to be effective in the job. Those who aren’t suited to the care […]

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Care home visiting January 2022

With restrictions being eased in some situations but maintained in others, it’s difficult to get to the facts of how care home visiting is now being controlled as we enter 2022 in the UK. Here are the latest guidelines that can help. It’s worth revisiting them from time to time or whenever you are concerned […]

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Key benefits of becoming a self-employed carer

Collaborative Post Working in care can be a wonderful and fulfilling job. Your time and effort can make a real difference to the lives of the people who need it most. As a career choice, your work will be varied and challenging – you can almost guarantee that no two shifts will be the same. […]

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Care home visiting Christmas 2021

After the many heartaches of Christmas 2020, families of relatives living in care homes will have been hoping for a more ‘normal’ approach to visiting this year. Sadly, with the incredibly rapid spread of the latest variant of Covid-19, care homes are taking action again to protect their residents. Reactions are varied amongst homes, with […]

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Not enough people to care

Care homes, care at home, the NHS – it seems that every organisation that could provide care for our older relatives and friends who need support don’t have the staff they need. Social care in the community England’s Care Quality Commission has warned of a ‘tsunami’ of people without the care they need this winter […]

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Checklist For Moving Elderly People To Care Homes

Collaborative Post There are many things to consider when moving older people into care homes, including the emotional state of both you and your loved one. Did you know that the average person’s house in America, for example, is about 25% of their total worth? That means that when a loved one can no longer […]

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Safeguarding for Carers of the Older Generation

Collaborative Post All individuals, regardless of age, have the right to live in a safe and secure environment.  Unfortunately, older people are often more susceptible to abuse and neglect.  It is essential that carers of the elderly must thoroughly understand their roles.  This awareness ensures they provide proper support and the best care to those […]

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Caregiving tips for older family members at home

While homes for the elderly may be the most practical option for busy people, many still want to have their elderly parents home and care for them there. For those who do, the idea of being together with the people who have cared for them all their lives is a gift. Their wisdom and experiences […]

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How To Plan Elderly Care For Your Ageing Parents

Sponsored Post When your parents start to age, that’s the time when the care is reversed. After all these years that your parents have been taking care of you, it’s now time for you to give them back that care too. In doing so, you can give them the best last years in their lives […]

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