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Discussing ideas to make the transition through retirement a good one for our parents now and ourselves later

Five Countries for Retirement Travel

Retirement allows seniors to travel and get to see the world. This is the ideal time to see places that you’ve always dreamt of visiting. We live in an age where travel has become very accessible – even if the pandemic has put travel on hold for now. But once the world has opened up […]

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Why should you refurnish your home during retirement?

Collaborative Post Often a place where ywe’ve raised a family and created many fond memories over the years, our family homes are sacred. From the bricks and mortar to the furniture within it, we’re often very fond of our humble abodes. However, once you’ve reached retirement age, what was once a modern family home may […]

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Knowing when it’s time to stop driving

Collaborative Post Driving gives you independence and autonomy over your day-to-day life. However, at some point, you have to give up driving – whether it’s to old age or a health condition. There is no legal age in the UK for when you must give up driving. It is your responsibility to monitor your health […]

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How to keep your home in order during retirement

Collaborative Post Your home becomes a very important place during retirement. It can provide comfort as a place in which you can wind down and relax. If your house or flat doesn’t feel as comfortable as it could, maybe due to clutter or inconveniently placed furniture, there may be ways to improve it. If you […]

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How to decide when to stop driving

Collaborative Post It can be an incredibly sobering thought to realise you are not able to drive safely anymore, but it can also be quite a freeing realisation. Regardless of how long we’ve been behind the wheel, there comes a point in our lives when we all decide to give up driving as we get […]

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13 Ways to Stay Busy After Retirement

Collaborative Post After retirement, many people experience a sense of emptiness. They want to stay busy but feel like they have nothing left to do. If this sounds like you fear not! There are plenty of hobbies and games that will keep your mind sharp and your body healthy. And there are plenty of ways […]

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The Benefits of Encouraging Your Loved Ones to Get Online

Collaborative Post Traditionally, older people have been slow to adopt new technology, most notably internet use, and although this is starting to change, there are still a significant number of elderly people – more than 2 million over-75s are not online – who have yet to adopt internet usage. This is such a shame, especially […]

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Buying a Home When You’re Retired

Collaborative Post You may think of buying a home as something that younger people do when they are first starting out in family life. Of course, this is true for many, but this doesn’t mean that you can only buy a home when you are just starting out. In fact, buying a home can be […]

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