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Watching classic TV and films at home

A wealth of classic films on a TV or browser near you

Films are like music. They can take you right back to the time and place where you first saw or heard them. For many, those are happy memories, well worth revisiting. Talking Pictures TV has been screening classic film and television on Freeview, Youview, Sky and Virgin channels since 2015. It’s been offering memory joggers […]

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Features that can help senior drivers stay on the road

Collaborative Post As we age we can be hesitant to give up our cars because we fear losing our independence, but just because we’re ageing doesn’t mean that we can’t stay safe on the road. John Clark Motor Group has shared the top features that senior drivers should be on the lookout for when purchasing […]

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Gas leaks – hazards, prevention and treatment

Natural gas is one of the world’s most commonly used fossil fuels. The fuel is widely used for heating, cooking, cutting, welding, and processing products. The use of natural gas can be found anywhere – from our workplaces to our homes. While gas greatly benefits us, like all other sources of energy, it can be […]

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Key Differences between HP and PCP when buying a car

Collaborative Post When purchasing a vehicle, either through HP or PCP, some factors should be considered. In a Personal Contract Purchase agreement, you have to pay a deposit when signing up. Although many finance companies will only ask for a small minimum amount, the initial deposit can be as much as 15% of the car’s […]

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What plants are the easiest for elderly gardeners?

Collaborative Post There are many joys that gardening can bring us, and after over a year being stuck in lockdown it’s no wonder this outdoor pastime is becoming more and more popular. Recent research has found that almost 3 million more of us have taken up gardening this year as a result of lockdown. A […]

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Why Should I Consider Downsizing My Car?

Collaborative Post You often hear of people downsizing their home, but have you ever thought about downsizing your car? Bigger is often seen as better in today’s society, but this is not always the case and downsizing your car could improve your life in a number of different ways. Keep reading to discover a few […]

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