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Tips for Helping a Relative Financially Prepare for Retirement

Collaborative Post Preparing for retirement could be a stressful and challenging time for an elderly person. Although retirement can be an exciting milestone to reach, the transition into this new stage of life is very difficult for some. If you have an elderly relative who is currently preparing for retirement, then there are a number […]

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Finance tips that will help you as an older person

Collaborative Post Older people have so much to think about when it comes to money. They have to think about retirement, insurance, bills, pensions and more. All of this can be overwhelming, but it is essential that you manage and monitor your money so that it can help you in later life. Of course, everyone’s […]

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Finding ways to make your money go further as you get older

Collaborative Post When you have worked hard your entire life you want to make sure that later on when you are ready to retire that you will be able to live comfortably without financial worries. So finding ways to make your money go a little further is always helpful. Plan Ahead First of all it […]

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Options Available When a Financial Emergency Strikes

Collaborative Post Throughout life, there will be moments where we need to access funds that we may not have. This is considered a financial emergency, and it’s important to know what your options are when this happens. Here is a list of the many ways you can access money in a financial emergency. 1. Borrow […]

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Exploring Financial Benefits for Seniors

Collaborative Post When you have a senior or an elderly family member, you want to make sure they are getting the best care and financial support they possibly can, especially if their pension doesn’t cover everything. If you care for them, you might be spending more time helping them than concentrating on your job, which […]

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Smart Tax Planning for the Elderly

Collaborative Post Your twilight years are a time that you should be able to relax and enjoy, free from many of the hassles that plague working life. Unfortunately, taxation is one thing that you can’t escape. Even when you’re elderly, you’ll need to be aware of your financial affairs. Taxation might not be the most […]

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Things to consider before getting 50+ insurance

Collaborative Post As our loved ones get older, they may notice that they are bombarded more and more with advertisements trying to sell them life insurance policies. It’s not a bad idea to consider speaking to your loved one about some of these as they can help to make sure that they get the coverage […]

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Sorting out your finances in 2021

Collaborative Post After the last year, we are really feeling the pinch lately and it is time to move forward and get our finances back on track. Give A Budgeting Tracker A Go Budgeting is now easier than ever. There are so many different types of apps available on your phone and tablets now. These […]

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Are your relatives spending too much on their necessities?

Collaborative Post You want your mum and dad to keep their independence and live their own lives. However, maybe you can’t help but notice they’re forking out a little more than they need to when it comes to buying the necessities of life. Ranging from their average food shop to how much they’re spending on […]

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