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Cost of living

A Guide to Government Grants for Pensioners in the UK

Collaborative Post In the UK, around 12 million people are over state pension age, and a significant percentage are on pension credit. These individuals often struggle with escalating heating bills and living in homes with outdated heating systems and insufficient insulation. Navigating financial aid can be a maze, especially when discerning what government grants are […]

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5 Cheap Ways to Help Your Family Stay Warm This Winter

Collaborative Post At the time of writing, the weather is turning much colder in the UK. After a glorious summer, and two record-breaking heat waves, the leaves are beginning to fall, and the mercury is steadily dropping each morning. As family members of elderly relatives, there are things you can do to help them get […]

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10 Tips for Weathering the Cost-of-Living Crisis

Collaborative Post The cost of living is going up and many older people are struggling. They’d love to go back to what life was like before. But from now on, it seems like energy, food and housing are all going to get more expensive. Pensions might not stretch as far as before. We take a […]

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Ideas for saving money this winter

Collaborative Post The arrival of winter is not something many people look forward to. The temperatures drop, darkness falls earlier, and things can start to feel a bit more miserable. And this winter could feel more challenging than most. The UK’s ongoing cost of living crisis means many households will have to watch their spending […]

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The importance of insulating more homes for vulnerable people

Collaborative Post Many Britons will remember a series of protests and disruptions undertaken by activist group Insulate Britain in late 2021. At the time, the pressure group’s concerns were dismissed as relatively irrelevant, and their methods lambasted by politicians and media correspondents alike. But the concerns raised by Insulate Britain turned out to be somewhat […]

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