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Talking about staying safe on the roads in later years

Understanding the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in the UK

Collaborative Post Road safety is a shared responsibility that impacts everyone on the UK’s bustling streets. In this blog post, we look at the critical issue of car accidents and their causes. Beyond the headlines, understanding the root factors behind these incidents is crucial for promoting a safer driving culture and minimising the toll on […]

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Safety Tips for Driving as an Older Adult

Collaborative Post Having the freedom to venture out by car gives people a sense of independence which is particularly rewarding in later life. It can act as a shining pillar of stability in amongst the whirlwind of rapid change that follows retirement. However, it is easy to lose confidence with driving as you age, and […]

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4 top tips for older driver safety

Collaborative Post As we get older, our physical health and driving ability may decline, meaning we need to make changes to ensure our safety when on the road. As of this year, there is a record number of drivers over the age of 70 in the UK, rising by 212,000 motorists in just the last […]

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How Getting Older Can Affect Your Driving Skills

Collaborative Post Driving is a means of independence and enjoyment for many people, so it can be a big adjustment for some elderly people when getting behind the wheel becomes more challenging. As the years advance, naturally, many of us can experience health challenges that make it more difficult to drive. Difficulties can be overcome, […]

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Renewing your driving licence at 70

Collaborative Post Driving helps to maintain a sense of independence as you get older. However, you need to be sure that you’re safe behind the wheel to continue. It’s not just for your benefit but for the safety of other road users and pedestrians. Getting ready to renew your licence can be a daunting time […]

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Finding a unique number plate for the right price: our top tips

Collaborative Post Private number plates are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, with many drivers considering them to be one of the best ways to personalise their cars – not to mention making it much easier to find them in a car park! The rules around private number plates can feel a little complicated at […]

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Tips for Learning to Drive in Later Life

Collaborative Post Learning to drive is typically an endeavour undertaken at a young age – either the moment you hit the legal driving age, or at your earliest convenience as a young adult. The younger you are, the quicker you are to learn and the easier you will pick up the skill of a lifetime. […]

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How to save money on car insurance for veterans

Collaborative Post Do you have veterans or older family members and friends who live active lifestyles? If that’s the case, you know how challenging it can be to want to support them while keeping them safe. In such cases, often, the best thing to do is to keep yourself informed of what you can do. […]

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