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What is Involved in Urology?

Collaborative Post Urology, a medical speciality often less understood than its counterparts such as cardiology or neurology, plays a vital role in our health system. This field centres on the male and female urinary tracts as well as the male reproductive system. The professionals working in this field, known as urologists, diagnose and treat various […]

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Key Differences between HP and PCP when buying a car

Collaborative Post When purchasing a vehicle, either through HP or PCP, some factors should be considered. In a Personal Contract Purchase agreement, you have to pay a deposit when signing up. Although many finance companies will only ask for a small minimum amount, the initial deposit can be as much as 15% of the car’s […]

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What plants are the easiest for elderly gardeners?

Collaborative Post There are many joys that gardening can bring us, and after over a year being stuck in lockdown it’s no wonder this outdoor pastime is becoming more and more popular. Recent research has found that almost 3 million more of us have taken up gardening this year as a result of lockdown. A […]

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The best mobile phone for seniors: 6 top tips

Collaborative Post More than 95% of UK households own at least one mobile phone, and a significant proportion of people have access to a smartphone. Although smartphone usage among the older population is increasing, they’re still the demographic that’s least likely to own or use a smartphone in the UK. However, the features and functionality […]

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