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It can be hard to think of Christmas, birthday and other-day presents that will be truly appreciated. Here are some ideas

Father’s Day gifts for senior dads 2024

It’s that time again in the UK, when we scratch our heads and wonder what on earth we can give dad for Father’s Day that would both show our appreciation and actually be appreciated. Dads can be difficult for presents, especially older dads who may already have all they think they want. If that’s your […]

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Thoughts on celebrating Mother’s Day

We’re coming up to Mother’s Day in the UK, and it will be followed by celebrations of mothers around the world. As ever, there’s a flurry of searches on Mother’s Day gifts. This year I’d like to take a step back and think about why we celebrate Mother’s Day, because the why can inform the […]

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Christmas gift ideas for seniors 2023

Here we are with our festive gift list for parents, grandparents and senior friends in 2023. Where did that year go? This year we’re sharing our focus between helping out in a cost of living crisis and still choosing presents for Christmas and other occasions to make life happier. Whether you’re buying for parents, grandparents […]

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Gifts for helping with memory loss

Collaborative Post As our loved ones get older, one of the most common things to happen is them getting issues with memory. Sometimes it is just minor things like forgetting a word for a moment or forgetting what they were doing over time that can become more difficult – and something that needs to be […]

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The ultimate list of presents for dad

Collaborative Post Whether it’s Christmas, birthday or Father’s day, finding presents for dad can be tricky, below are some ideas to help, arranged into hobby categories. For the book lover dad: Personalised Bookmark: Get a personalised bookmark made specifically for your dad. You can have his name, special message, a favourite quote or even a […]

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is generally less widely celebrated in many countries, as it isn’t steeped in the history of Mothering Sunday. That said, it is a great opportunity to express respect, gratitude and love for a parent and grandparent. We know men, and especially senior men, can be notoriously difficult to buy for. Probably you can […]

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Choosing the right gift for someone with dementia

Knowing what to buy for an older relative can be difficult. And choosing for someone with dementia can seem particularly hard. The people at Relish, who specialise in presents for those living with dementia, have put together some tips to help you feel confident in your choices. Match the gift to ability Cognitive ability diminishes […]

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Festive gift ideas for seniors

It’s been another tumultuous year, and we’ve decided for this year’s edition of our popular list of Christmas present idea for senior family and friends to focus on gifts that cheer. We’re delighted that we have been able to review many of these ideas, and we’ve clearly stated where we have been provided with a […]

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The Father’s Day Gift List 2022

Father’s Day. Still living in the shadow of Mother’s Day, but a great opportunity to show a bit of appreciation and enjoy a family get together. We would normally say that fathers are really difficult to buy for. By they reach retirement age many men have got what they need and want, so choosing a […]

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