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It can be hard to think of Christmas, birthday and other-day presents that will be truly appreciated. Here are some ideas

7 Reasons Why Fruit Presents Are The Coolest & Are Here To Stay!

Collaborative Post Even when you know someone closely, you might not know what things they would appreciate as a gift. That’s where the problem lies. You want to give them something thoughtful, nice, something useful yet you have no idea what! Well, here’s what we think. Change your thoughts a little. What about a fruit […]

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Christmas gifts for seniors 2020

Finding a gift that will be appreciated by our older family and friends can be tricky. In our annual round up of present ideas we try hard to find ideas that are original, fun or luxurious. What’s behind this year’s list? This year is going to be particularly interesting if we’re not going to be […]

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Christmas gifts for older family and friends 2019

This is our gift list for 2019. Many of the ideas here are still available. But for the latest update, visit our new list of ideas for seasonal presents for 2020. Finding the right present for an older parent or grandparent gets increasingly hard. So we’ve been looking for gifts that add fun and luxury to […]

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Gifts for grandparents 2018 – travel and holidays

By Kathy Lawrence Days out, trips and holidays are a welcome gift for many. Here are just a few ideas. Just one in our series of articles of ideas for older friends and family. We haven’t experienced them ourselves, but we could be tempted! If your family are enjoying watching the likes of Timothy West […]

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