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It can be hard to think of Christmas, birthday and other-day presents that will be truly appreciated. Here are some ideas

Giving house plants as gifts

A look at Google searches revealed the house plants that attract the most interest on the search engine. There are few surprises – many of those named have been stalwarts of the living rooms, hallways and even bathrooms of homes for many decades. The benefits of house plants is that on the whole they are […]

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Mother’s Day gift list 2022

After a long, gloomy winter we’re looking forward to getting out into the fresh air again. And this year’s Mother’s Day gift guide is all about enjoying the outdoors – whether at home, on holiday or on days out. As ever, our list is focused on presents that would be appreciated by senior mums, who […]

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7 Easy DIY Gifts for Your Parents

Collaborative Post We always strive to find the best gift so that the recipient would be happy. But what if the recipient is not just a colleague or a distant relative, but some of the most important people in your life – your parents? This is where you have to go above and beyond your […]

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

To celebrate Father’s Day or not to celebrate Father’s Day? In many households the long-established tradition of Mothering Sunday has become an accepted date in the calendar. We use Mother’s Day to thank our mums for their love and care. But Father’s Day doesn’t have the same tradition, and it’s a bit of a worry […]

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Makeup and skincare for the more mature face

Product review Do you or older family and friends find that your usual makeup is no longer performing as well as it might? Or perhaps you’ve never quite got to grips with the whole makeup business. Maybe even, like me, when you pop on a bit of lippy you feel like you’re five again and […]

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Mother’s Day gift list 2021

It’s going to be another strange Mother’s Day in the UK this year. While we can’t completely predict whether we’ll be able to meet up on the day at the time of writing this article, it does seem that posting or emailing gifts may make the most sense. It’s worth leaving extra time for deliveries […]

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7 Reasons Why Fruit Presents Are The Coolest & Are Here To Stay!

Collaborative Post Even when you know someone closely, you might not know what things they would appreciate as a gift. That’s where the problem lies. You want to give them something thoughtful, nice, something useful yet you have no idea what! Well, here’s what we think. Change your thoughts a little. What about a fruit […]

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Christmas gifts for seniors 2020

Finding a gift that will be appreciated by our older family and friends can be tricky. In our annual round up of present ideas we try hard to find ideas that are original, fun or luxurious. You can now also check out our latestthoughtful gifts list for 2021. What’s behind this year’s list? This year […]

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