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How to master ‘inclusive chic’ in a home

What do you visualise when you think of an accessible home? Freedom? Independence? Style? Unfortunately, people often think they must choose one or the other; and in many people’s minds the idea of home adaptations conjures the image of institutional drab instead of inclusive chic. Vaila Morrison RIBA, Inclusive Design Expert for stairlift and home lift […]

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6 ways to prevent back pain through self-care

Back pain affects many but in different ways. Sometimes it can be a slight nuisance but is still manageable. However, for some, it can be intolerable and make it hard to do basic daily tasks. The good news is back pain can be treated through natural means, especially with the help of self-care. This article […]

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Why and how to exercise at home in later years

Physical activity of any sort is highly recommended for everyone at any age. Even when gym workouts seem far behind us, keeping moving is important. Exercise is cited as an important tool in protecting hearts, joints and our immune systems. It can help diabetics with their blood sugar levels, promote better sleeping patterns and increase […]

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