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Getting the most out of visits to the doctor

4 Signs That Your Doctor Might Not Be Right For You

Collaborative Post The older you get, the more important it becomes to have a good doctor that you know for a fact cares about you. A doctor that will make an effort and will work hard to help you. Not every doctor out there is like that, but when you get one, there’s no doubt […]

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The importance of feeling comfortable with your doctor

Collaborative Post A strong relationship with your doctor or primary care provider (PCP) is important for many reasons. Not only do they provide medical care, but they also act as advocates and resources for their patients. Establishing comfort with your doctor or PCP can involve various steps to help you get the most out of […]

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Can’t see the GP? What can you do?

Getting a face-to-face appointment with a doctor at the local surgery seems to have become almost impossible in many areas of the UK. There has been a great deal of anger focused on GP practices from people struggling to get the appointments they want. Yet according to GP leaders, more than half of all appointments […]

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How NHS GP videoconference consultations work

by Kathy Lawrence As the UK government has just announced that videoconferencing with GPs is the way forward for the NHS in England, we’re talking about how the service works, and whether it’s something that can help older people. Experiencing LIVI for the first time Our local GP practices have been contacting patients to let […]

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