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Mobility, strength and flexibility are key to independence

Why Electric Bikes are More Suitable for Seniors Than Regular Bikes

Collaborative Post Electric bikes are changing the way we think about cycling, especially for seniors. As we age, our exercise goals change, and finding a routine that’s both enjoyable, beneficial, and doable becomes essential for a healthy lifestyle. A solution that merges fun with fitness, these bikes simplify challenging routes and long journeys by providing […]

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Unlocking Comfort: How CBD is Helping Seniors Solve Pain and Discomfort

Collaborative Post Since time immemorial, humans have relied on nature for sustenance as well as to ease all kinds of ailments. However, with the advent of modern medical science, humanity veered away from the use of plant-based traditional medicine in favor of synthetic forms of pharmaceutical drugs that relieve various ailments. Not only are they […]

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Safe Weightlifting for Seniors

Strength training is an excellent way to stay in shape in our later years. As we age, our bodies naturally lose muscle mass and strength, making it more difficult to perform daily activities. Regular weightlifting for seniors helps counteract this natural decline by building and maintaining muscle mass and strength, in addition to numerous other physical […]

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Essential Vitamins and Supplements for Whole Senior Health

Collaborative Post Reduced appetite and poor nutrient absorption can influence your nutritional needs as you grow older. Although food is the best source to incorporate essential vitamins in your diet to prevent age-related disorders and poor health, some seniors may not be able to consume a balanced, nutritious diet. That’s when you may need supplements […]

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CBD comes from cannabis, so it must be bad for me, right?

Collaborative Post CBD is short for cannabidiol, and it is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, meaning it does not produce the “high” associated with the drug THC, regularly referred to as cannabis. Cannabinoids are believed to work together synergistically, meaning they can enhance or reduce each […]

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Say goodbye to excess water in your body

Collaborative Post Feeling puffy, heavy and putting on extra weight? It’s possible that you are experiencing water retention. Although water is essential for us to live, excess water in the body is not good. Here are some suggested ways to get rid of retained water from the body. However, before we get into ways to […]

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How to Get Yourself into a New Exercise Routine

Collaborative Post Getting physically active is pretty straightforward. It’s doing so in a way that’ll stick that’s the tricky part. If you’ve struggled throughout life to develop an exercise routine that’s right for you, and that developed into a habit, then don’t be disheartened – you’re in good company. Besides, it’s never too late to […]

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Sports to try in retirement

Collaborative Post When it’s time to retire, a whole new chapter of life begins. This is one where the world truly is your oyster and you can do all the things you never got the chance to before. This could include travelling the world, learning a new skill or even trying a new sport. Picking […]

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6 benefits of rowing for seniors

Getting into the exercise habit is one of the most beneficial things that seniors can do to improve both their quality and quantity of life. But not all exercise options are good choices for older people. When it comes to getting in a terrific full-body workout that is low impact and joint-friendly, the rowing machine […]

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