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Today there’s a growing population of people trying to juggle work, family and their own lives with providing support for ageing relatives and friends. If you’re in this position, this website is for you.

Who’s behind When They Get Older?

Kathy Lawrence is a freelance copywriter, journalist and editor working under the name of Wrightwell.  She has been the content director in When They Get Older since its creation in 2014 and an original founder.

In that time Kathy has supported her own parents through both joyful and difficult times in their later years. She’s experienced many of the challenges talked about in our stories. She’s had first-hand experience in getting the most from care, facing dementia and bringing the family together to work as a team. After losing her parents, Kathy took a break from When They Get Older. Now she is back as owner and editor and is excited to share valuable information with a growing audience.

Kathy also grumbles about marketing to a mature generation on her blog at primetimewords.

If you would like freelance copywriting, editing and content support on any topic, contact Kathy at [email protected].

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Stuart LawrenceStuart Lawrence runs Don’t Panic!, a digital agency specialising in building interactive and engaging web apps for content, search, marketing, PR and digital agencies – and is a self-confessed maker of ‘fun web stuff’. Stuart provides a wealth of technical knowledge to When They Get Older, together with support and inspiration. He also brings the valuable grandchild perspective to our stories, as well as a great interest in how technology will help care in the future.

For innovative content design and build, contact Stuart at [email protected]


Lesley Trenner Change Coach

Dr Lesley Trenner is an eldercare coach with extensive qualifications and experience in life coaching. Lesley provides one-to-one help for people who are struggling to cope with the ’emotional rollercoaster’ of eldercare or balance caring responsibilities with a  busy career. Sessions are available face-to-face (London) or on the phone. Email Lesley or call 07919 880 250 for a free introductory chat. You can also visit her Facebook page.




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