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How to spend free time at weekends with seniors

Despite the numerous calls on our time, including the pressures of work, there are many benefits of spending time with our seniors. Connections allow us to build and foster strong relationships. Your older family and friends will greatly benefit from spending time with you. Just discussing your experiences and perspectives and listening to their perspective […]

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Ways of Protecting the Environment When Removing Garden Waste

Collaborative Post A garden is a beautiful place. It can be a place of relaxation, creativity, and exercise. However, it also can produce great amounts of waste that need to be disposed of responsibly. As the autumn progresses, homeowners will want to begin cleaning up their gardens and yards. While putting away flowers and raking […]

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Five Countries for Retirement Travel

Retirement allows seniors to travel and get to see the world. This is the ideal time to see places that you’ve always dreamt of visiting. We live in an age where travel has become very accessible – even if the pandemic has put travel on hold for now. But once the world has opened up […]

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13 Ways to Stay Busy After Retirement

Collaborative Post After retirement, many people experience a sense of emptiness. They want to stay busy but feel like they have nothing left to do. If this sounds like you fear not! There are plenty of hobbies and games that will keep your mind sharp and your body healthy. And there are plenty of ways […]

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The Benefits of Encouraging Your Loved Ones to Get Online

Collaborative Post Traditionally, older people have been slow to adopt new technology, most notably internet use, and although this is starting to change, there are still a significant number of elderly people – more than 2 million over-75s are not online – who have yet to adopt internet usage. This is such a shame, especially […]

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The best mobile phone for seniors: 6 top tips

Collaborative Post More than 95% of UK households own at least one mobile phone, and a significant proportion of people have access to a smartphone. Although smartphone usage among the older population is increasing, they’re still the demographic that’s least likely to own or use a smartphone in the UK. However, the features and functionality […]

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