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How can you help your parent stay well for as long as possible and find their way through a complex health system?

Natural Remedies for Muscle Pain Relief

Collaborative Post Muscle pain in our loved elderly is something we all hate to see them suffer through – it stops them from being able to do so much that they would love to do. And most of the time, this impact extends to their family members and caretakers. So for anyone, whether they’re a […]

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Supplementary Cancer Treatments to Explore

Collaborative Post Cancer treatment has come a long way. Through treatments like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, many cancers can be successfully removed. While these are still your best options for beating the ‘big C’, there are options out there that can be great supplementary forms of treatment. Below are some of the  treatments currently […]

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Managing grief without employer support

At some stage in our lives we are likely to have to deal with grief, and as our parents age that time moves closer. Yet while employers are charged with implementing policies for a whole raft of situations, some do not seem to know how to support those who are grieving – or even concede […]

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The importance of maintaining an active mind

Collaborative Post What is brain health? As the World Health Organisation defines it, ‘brain health is the state of brain functioning across cognitive, sensory, social-emotional, behavioural and motor domains’. In other words, brain health governs our ability to think, feel, move and act. We talk a lot about heart health and the condition of other […]

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