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Making life easier as hearing becomes more difficult

A Useful Guide for Buying the Right Hearing Aids

Collaborative Post Have you been advised that you need hearing aids? Perhaps this is related to your age and your hearing has been declining for some time. Maybe your working environment has slowly affected your hearing. Either way, know that hearing aids can become your best friend and allow sound to be amplified again. However, […]

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Hearing and Old Age: Learning More About Presbycusis

Collaborative Post Did you know that nearly one in three individuals above the age of 65 suffer from hearing loss? As a person gets older, they are likely to suffer from a gradual decrease in hearing, eyesight, and other cognitive functions. In this article, we will look into age-related hearing loss: its causes, diagnosis by […]

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What to expect from new hearing aids

As a long-term hearing aid user myself, I know what it’s like to be in a loop where your hearing deteriorates and then new technology brings you jumping back into the world. Jumping is the right word too, because a step up in audio capability can make your environment sound suddenly very noisy. The benefits […]

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Benefits for the hearing disabled

The World Health Organisation has predicted that by 2030 adult-onset hearing loss will be one of the top ten problems in Britain, outstripping both cataracts and diabetes. So how do you get help and are there any benefits available to support the hearing disabled? It’s easy to take your hearing for granted if you don’t […]

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