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Mental health

Looking for ideas for brain stimulation? Caring for parents with advancing dementia? We share tips and advice on mental health

How meditation can help your sense of well being

Stressed out? Panicking? Frustrated? Breathing deeply and taking some time to think about things may be the best thing you can do to change your perspective. Meditation can remove stress from the day and give you a sense of inner peace. It’s worth considering meditating if you are anxious, tense, and anxious due to stress. […]

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A guide to mental health in the elderly – how to help a loved one in need

Collaborative Post The elderly population is growing with each passing year. As more people live their lives into old age, it becomes more important to be aware of their needs and support what they need most. The elderly population is one group at higher risk for developing mental illnesses like depression and dementia. This post […]

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Games and puzzles to keep minds active

Age can bring a slowdown in cognitive abilities. Playing games is a great way to keep minds active. It’s also a good way to keep people connected, reducing the risk of loneliness. There are different types of games that seniors can play, and there is not one perfect game for all. Which games work best […]

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How can we cope with anxiety?

As we emerge back into the world, many of us are finding that we have lost confidence and our pre-pandemic way of life has become a bit scary. We’re getting back to ‘normal’ activities, but they’re not as easy as before. All those simple things, like getting on a train, going to the cinema or […]

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How to Support a Person With Dementia

Collaborative Post Dementia is not an easy topic, but, unfortunately, everyone can encounter it. Usually, a person doesn’t even think about it, but at some point, they find their older relative forgetful, unable to understand where he or she is, acting like a child, and overall awkward. And then, the challenges hit. If you find […]

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What support is out there for dementia carers?

Collaborative Post Caring for someone with dementia can be very challenging. Fortunately, there is a lot of support out there for carers that could make life easier. Below are just some of the different forms of support that are worth looking into. Government benefits As a carer, you may be eligible for government benefits such […]

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