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Our Dementia guide

A look at the legal, financial and emotional aspects of supporting someone living with dementia.

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Our hearing loss guide

With 70% of over 70-year-olds having some form of hearing loss do you ever worry that your parents can’t hear as well as they used to?

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Our loneliness guide

There is so much in the press about this nation’s elderly being lonely. Do you ever worry that your parents could be lonely even though they have you?

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In Case of Emergency Card

A credit sized ICE card for your parent providing all the necessary information to help medical staff care for them correctly in the event of an emergency.

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Finances spreadsheet

If you’ve a parent who’s trying to manage their finances for the first time alone, or is just finding it all a little muddling, this simple spreadsheet can help. You fill in the details about what bills need to be paid when, and they can keep it as a paper or electronic document to ensure they never miss a payment.