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Wills and inheritance

Making sure the paperwork is in place

Top 5 Life Changes That Mean You Should Update Your Will

Collaborative Post Ensuring that you have a valid and comprehensive will in place in order to protect your loved ones’ interests in the future requires more than a single session with your solicitor. In reality – and unless every element of your life remains the same over the years – creating a will is a […]

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What happens if a relative dies intestate?

Update February 2020. According to Which? two in five homeowners don’t have a will, which means rules of intestacy will apply should they die. And that could mean property going to unintended recipients. The death of a relative is always a difficult emotional time for the surviving family members and friends, but if the deceased […]

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How to contest a will and why

There are all sorts of reasons why people might be unhappy about the contents of a will, from concern about undue influence to surprise at who’s received what. For anyone who wants to contest a will after the fact, it’s a complicated and arduous process. David Williamson of Coles Solicitors explains why and how. Understanding […]

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