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Wills and inheritance

Making sure the paperwork is in place

The importance of having an up-to-date Will

Once we finally get around to writing a Will, it’s very easy to put it in a drawer, marked ‘Job done’, and forget about it. Our expert guest blogger explains why that approach could mean problems later, and why it’s important to make sure a Will is current and clear.  The date of a Will, […]

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Why and When to Write People Out of Your Will

Collaborative Post Thinking about cutting someone out of your Will? Here are the reasons you might want to do so, and how you can do so effectively… When it comes to writing a Will, there’s plenty to consider, not least who you want to leave your estate to. That said, despite the expectation of who […]

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Top 5 Life Changes That Mean You Should Update Your Will

Collaborative Post Ensuring that you have a valid and comprehensive will in place in order to protect your loved ones’ interests in the future requires more than a single session with your solicitor. In reality – and unless every element of your life remains the same over the years – creating a will is a […]

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What happens if a relative dies intestate?

Update February 2020. According to Which? two in five homeowners don’t have a will, which means rules of intestacy will apply should they die. And that could mean property going to unintended recipients. The death of a relative is always a difficult emotional time for the surviving family members and friends, but if the deceased […]

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