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This week’s eldercare news looks at Carer’s Credit; price rises for dental care, probate, mobile phones and more; e-prescriptions for some controlled drugs; reasons to take more Vitamin D; good practice for private care providers; feeling younger by being in control; and PIP reviews Heard of Carer’s Credit? You may be missing out The Telegraph […]

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What happens if a relative dies intestate?

The death of a relative is always a difficult emotional time for the surviving family members and friends, but if the deceased died without having made a valid Last Will and Testament, additional stresses can be placed upon the family and friends when it’s time to deal with the disbursal of the deceased’s estate. Probate […]

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How to contest a will and why

There are all sorts of reasons why people might be unhappy about the contents of a will, from concern about undue influence to surprise at who’s received what. For anyone who wants to contest a will after the fact, it’s a complicated and arduous process. David Williamson of Coles Solicitors explains why and how. Understanding […]

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