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News for you and your seniors January 2022

Here’s a roundup of important updates affecting you and your older relatives, from driving licences to mobile banking and state pensions. A reminder that anyone over 79 should renew their driving licence. It costs nothing but may take longer because, of course, of the effects of coronavirus. A growing number of ‘baby boomers’ are moving […]

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Is it time to hang up the car keys?

Giving up driving is one of the most significant milestones in an older person’s life. It’s not surprising that so many are reluctant but as children worried for their safety and that of others on the road we may need to use our persuasive powers. Jill hasn’t been to Zumba for a few weeks. She’s […]

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Choosing a car for the older driver

Throughout our lives our needs and desires change around what we want to drive. In this article Shân Hughes looks at choices for an easy, comfortable and economic drive for later years. There are many advantages to being a more mature driver. For starters, insurance is generally cheaper and the over-55s are generally involved in […]

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How to keep driving with renewed confidence

Take the Advanced Driving Test at 86? It’s a better option than hanging up the driving keys through lack of confidence as Shân Hughes, who’s a supporter of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, explains. As the population gets older people have to make some hard decisions about driving. The car is a symbol of ability, […]

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Winter driving part 1: Being prepared

Winter brings its own driving challenges as the roads flood or freeze and many more journeys are taken in the dark. Dave Hall, ex-police driver and now a driver trainer operating CAT Driving, offers checklists for anyone in the family venturing out in the cold and wet. Prepare your vehicle It’s a good idea to […]

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