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Should we all be standing on one leg?

I was listening to one of the series of BBC podcasts from Dr Michael Moseley about one thing you can do to change your life. This one was advocating practising standing on one leg to improve balance. That’s easy, I thought. I’ve done plenty of pilates in the past – I can stand on one […]

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Tackling all those to-dos

Work, home and play can keep us busy enough. But when we add supporting ageing parents into the mix, our to-do lists can start to look overwhelming. Personal and professional development coach Rhiannon Ford takes us through the 3Ds technique to lighten the load. Most of us feel a little overwhelmed at times with what […]

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Slowing down

Written by Kathy Lawrence The changes that our parents are undergoing can be frustrating for everyone concerned. Understanding what’s happening and being patient is important for our relationships. It’s really hard to do. Slowing down to the speed of ageing parents. For most of us life is a rush. We’ve probably rushed to find the […]

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How I coped with my mum’s dementia

This week’s storyteller is Lesley Trenner. Lesley, an Ageing Parent Coach, describes how she learnt to deal with her mum’s advancing dementia while making career decisions. She talks about how she now offers support to others facing similar challenges with their parents. Looking back, we aren’t entirely sure when mum’s mental condition started to decline […]

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