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Spring is in the air and soon the weather will be perfect for getting out in the garden, spending time in the park and just getting out and about in general.

There is nothing more enjoyable than chatting with old acquaintances and friends on a warm spring morning after living in hibernation under blankets for half the winter. But, as each year passes many of us find it harder to get out, and it only takes one stumble and fall to destroy our confidence.

When young, we take it for granted that we’ll be out enjoying ourselves as soon as spring comes again and forget that many older people struggle, so take time to check that elderly relatives and friends are able to do so.

Spring sunshine is good for health

Spring is good for everyone’s mental and physical health. A change in weather really can lift our spirits – fling open windows and not only will the fresh air blow away to stale and damp smells that can build up in a home over winter, but you’ll also hear bird song and other signs of the outside world. This subtle change helps make us feel part of something bigger and less alone.

Sunshine is not only good for your soul though. It is also vitally important for good health as it boosts vitamin D production which protects against inflammation, lowers blood pressure and improves brain function. So if you feel more alive, less achy and more alert on a sunny day, this is why!

Some people need help getting out

Many people feel a little ashamed of reduced mobility, and it is the British way to simply keep a stiff upper lip and not mention anything.

Parents and other elderly relatives may not tell you that they don’t feel confident going out any more. They may skirt the issue to avoid causing you any trouble, or they may just be too proud to say that they no longer have the strength to walk to the shops or get the bus into town. This is why it is so important to keep a close eye on elderly relatives.

Invite them out for the day

The best way to check how elderly friends and relatives are getting along is to invite them out somewhere for a day – this could just be a trip to a favourite park or cafe. If they start making excuses then you know there’s a problem and you can then broach the topic. Or they may happily join you and then struggle with mobility issues.

Providing help and support

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to help today depending on the type of mobility issues your ageing relatives and friends are facing.

If they are walking confidently but struggle with carrying bags, then suggest a shopping trolley. These provide plenty of safe storage with a little stability, and also help maintain balance – sometimes all that is needed is an object to stay in contact with to keep a sure footing.

However, if they a started to struggle to walk, then buying a walking aid such as a tri-walker or rollator is recommended. These provide more support and are pushed in front, and they greatly reduce the risk of falls. They also come with storage bags what make shopping much easier. These simple aids can make a huge difference and people who would normally avoid venturing out alone are suddenly able to go shopping again and meet up with friends.

Walking aids are limited though, and for those who really struggle to walk more than a few hundred feet need to consider more practical solutions.

The best option in these situations is a good pavement mobility scooter. These are comfortable to drive and can go many miles on a single battery charge. Because they can be driven into shops and other buildings where there is wheelchair access, mobility issues should not be a barrier to getting out and enjoying life again. Your elderly relatives will be able to pop to the local shops, head to a social club or ride to the park with their grandchildren in the holidays, which will make them feel a part of the community and your family again.

Spring really is a time for celebration and for many it is the best season of the year – the weather is warm, but not too hot, the flowers are blooming, blossom adorns trees and shrubs and the lawn will look lush. Plus we can watch busy birds building nests, and then later fledglings leave their nests.

Spring is a magical time for everybody, children and adults alike, and spending a day outside on a warm Spring day can quickly end those winter blues.

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