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Gadget ideas to make life easier for seniors

There are a growing number of gadgets on the market that are designed to help older people and their carers with everyday tasks.

We take a look at a few of those currently available.

Dressing made easier

Ageing bodies can make the simple act of dressing a tough chore, even just trying to put on socks or shoes. Arthritis or stroke can also mean decreased strength in the fingers. This can make buttoning and zipping up clothes an arduous task. For ladies, putting on bras when one of your hands just won’t cooperate because of a stroke or surgery can be difficult.

These gadgets can potentially help address these problems.

A gadget like the Jobst Stocking Donner comes in handy for putting on socks when you can’t bend comfortably or use your hands easily. It could also be useful for those recovering from surgery. The Jobst version comprises a steel frame that holds the sock so you can slip your foot right in and foam-coated handles for a comfortable grip.

A shoehorn can be handy to get those favourite shoes on. With the Blue Jay Shoehorn, for example, you slide your foot into the shoe and use the shoehorn to do the rest.

Buttons can become a problem for those who either can’t reach easily or struggle with dexterity. Something like the OXO button hook dressing aid could help.

Bras can be difficult too, but there are tools like the Bra Buddy that can make life easier.

Grooming gadgets

One of the most challenging tasks for older people can be simple grooming and cleaning. It might be shoulder pain or arthritis that makes standard tools hard to use. These gadgets can make things easier.

A specialised hair grooming set like the Long Reach Handled Comb and Hair Brush Set provides combs and brushes that make combing your hair easier.

A gadget such as the Maddak Universal Toothbrush Handle can come in handy when you need to hold items with small diameters, such as spoons, pens, or a toothbrush. It is soft and ergonomic and will help especially the seniors with arthritis.

For personal freshness, a toilet aid such as the Mars Wellness Wiping Aid can help to keep seniors independent in the bathroom, even if they struggle to twist and turn to wipe.

Gadgets for getting out and about

Sometimes when you need to visit friends or see a doctor for a critical checkup, you need help. These devices will help you stay mobile.

If you have a small key that is difficult to turn, a gadget like the Apex Medical Enablers Easy Key Turner will help make it easier. The rubber grip snaps onto the head of your key and gives you a wide surface to work with. You can use it with your house or car keys.

If you have balance issues or can’t get into the car because of back pain or decreased leg strength, a tool such as the Honoson Car Door Support Handle will give you the boost you need. The device is light with rubber handles for a comfortable hold.

Gadgets for day-to-day living

Sometimes when you get old, you need gadgets to help you do the simple things that aren’t easy to do anymore. When you need to get up from a sitting position, grab something on the floor, or turn on the lights, these gadgets will help.

An ingenious device like the Able Life Floor to Ceiling Grab Bar can help you get up from any sitting position in your bathroom or living room. Just grip on to it and get going.

A grabber is a great tool to help you reach items from the floor. The RMS Reach Grabber, for example, can extend up to 34 inches to help you reach items that fall far away.

When you can’t twist the knobs on your lamps because you have arthritis or less finger strength, there are devices available such as the Enablers Lamp Switch Turner that can help.

Keeping safe in your bedroom

It can be a tough ask to stay safe in the bedroom at night. These devices have been designed to ensure you don’t trip and fall in your sleeping room.

One example of a clever motion sensor light can fit into a free plug socket is the Super Bright Plug In Motion Sensor Hallway Living Aid. It will automatically illuminate when you pass within 5 metres. The light will stay on for about 30 seconds. It will be ideal when you don’t want to turn on the main lights at night.

You can use a bed lever to comfortably get in and out of bed. The lever is positioned about a third of the way below the bed.

A personal alarm such as the Taking Care Anywhere Personal Alarm detects trips and falls and offers a way to call for help when a trip or a fall happens. It has a location system that will point where the victim is.

Reading gadgets

Seniors who love to read can find it hard to do under standard lights. These devices can help when an elderly folk requires reading help.

The Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light is an example of a hands-free light that can be placed around the neck. Your parent or senior member of the family can read essays from their favorite website, play Sudoku, knit, or do a crossword anywhere around the house.


When doing the simple stuff becomes a challenge, these devices can come in handy. This article has listed just a few examples of the wide range of devices now available for everyday use at home.

If you feel you or a relative needs help with tasks, it’s worth visiting specialist shops – independent and attached to charities – as well as doing a search for aids to support independent living.


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