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Thoughts on celebrating Mother’s Day

We’re coming up to Mother’s Day in the UK, and it will be followed by celebrations of mothers around the world. As ever, there’s a flurry of searches on Mother’s Day gifts. This year I’d like to take a step back and think about why we celebrate Mother’s Day, because the why can inform the […]

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Mother’s Day gift list 2022

After a long, gloomy winter we’re looking forward to getting out into the fresh air again. And this year’s Mother’s Day gift guide is all about enjoying the outdoors – whether at home, on holiday or on days out. As ever, our list is focused on presents that would be appreciated by senior mums, who […]

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Mother’s Day gift list 2021

It’s going to be another strange Mother’s Day in the UK this year. While we can’t completely predict whether we’ll be able to meet up on the day at the time of writing this article, it does seem that posting or emailing gifts may make the most sense. It’s worth leaving extra time for deliveries […]

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Mother’s Day gifts ideas for senior mums

You’ve been giving your mum gifts for the last 30 or 40 years or more. So what is there that would be different and appreciated? We’ve been looking at some more unusual or personal ideas available for Mother’s Day 2016. And where we’ve tested them ourselves we’re let you know what we think. Marie Curie […]

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Mother’s Day gifts for grandma 2015

Flowers, chocolates, fragrances – there are plenty of traditional presents for mums on Mother’s Day. If you’re looking for something different for a mum who’s hit retirement age here are a few suggestions. Story of their lives Our parents have lived through interesting times, from the Second World War through austerity and the white heat […]

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