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Mother’s Day gifts for grandma 2015

Flowers, chocolates, fragrances – there are plenty of traditional presents for mums on Mother’s Day. If you’re looking for something different for a mum who’s hit retirement age here are a few suggestions.

Story of their lives

Our parents have lived through interesting times, from the Second World War through austerity and the white heat of technology and on to the years that we do remember. A service like Autodotbiography.com created by our contributor Bryher Scudamore enables your parents to write their own book filled with their stories.

Growing and making

Spring is here-ish and anyone who enjoys gardening will be itching to get out in the fresh air for a touch of weeding and seeding. If your mother has arthritis or weakened wrists then Designed2Enable has some helpful lightweight gardening tools with ergonomic handles.

Crafting is very popular now and a subscription to classes or two might be fun. Craft workshops can offer anything from paper pom-poms through more traditional crafts such as crochet and basketry to learning intricate skills in jewellery making. Search out local craft centres and schools in your mother’s area to find out more. Local church and community groups are starting up craft groups too, offering opportunities to get out and meet new people.

For anyone who’s always enjoyed games and puzzles, SpringChicken is offering a range of jigsaws and with large-sized pieces and other puzzles.

Together time

An idea we like is a “year of dates”. This was originally an idea for partners to give each other but would work equally well for a mum. Simply put a promise of time together in each of 12 envelopes for the months of the year. This could be anything from a walk in the park to theatre tickets. Time is often the best but the hardest present to give, so fixing a date is a great way to make sure it happens.

At When They Get Older we’ve seen how families living with dementia can connect through art. If you’re not an artist yourself but think your parent could take pleasure in creating something beautiful then an adult colouring book could bring pleasure. Really Useful Stuff offers a colouring book for people living with dementia. Searchpress, the hobbyist publishers, have some lovely colouring books too, such as the Art Nouveau book.

For a present that requires some thought but is hugely personal and takes up no space, how about a personalised poem? Jenny Hallett writes poems for special days at http://poeticjusticeonline.co.uk. Not a last-minute gift though.

Not so well times

Here’s a thought for any mum in hospital or awaiting surgery. NotAnotherBunchofFlowers (we love the name!) has been the Mail on Sunday’s website of the week and offers gifts for anyone who needs cheering up. Ideas include pretty overnight bags, pamper kits, puzzle books and an afternoon tea kit.

Useful and lovely

Good-looking practical ideas get our vote too. We saw these stylish folding magnifying glasses that hang on a suede cord from Glance Easy at a craft fair.

Craft markets are a great place to buy direct from the makers of beautiful and original gifts. Online there’s Etsy, and a whole range of shops have sprung up to emulate the success of Not on The High Street, such as Handpicked and The Little British Company.

A few things to think twice about

Dusting is a chore and the more ornaments and long-life flower arrangements a mother has the more dusting she will feel she needs to do.

We often recommend some high-quality foods and beverages in our gifts list and they’re lovely for most. You’ll already know if your mother has intolerances but it’s also worth checking if any ingredients could interact with medications. Anyone with an infection is likely to be taking antiobiotics which may not mix with alcohol.

Have a good Mother’s Day.

If you’d like more ideas why not take a look at our Christmas 2014 gift guide with plenty of ideas for both mum and dad?

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