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Christmas gift ideas for seniors 2023

Here we are with our festive gift list for parents, grandparents and senior friends in 2023. Where did that year go? This year we’re sharing our focus between helping out in a cost of living crisis and still choosing presents for Christmas and other occasions to make life happier. Whether you’re buying for parents, grandparents […]

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Choosing the right gift for someone with dementia

Knowing what to buy for an older relative can be difficult. And choosing for someone with dementia can seem particularly hard. The people at Relish, who specialise in presents for those living with dementia, have put together some tips to help you feel confident in your choices. Match the gift to ability Cognitive ability diminishes […]

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Festive gift ideas for seniors

It’s been another tumultuous year, and we’ve decided for this year’s edition of our popular list of Christmas present idea for senior family and friends to focus on gifts that cheer. We’re delighted that we have been able to review many of these ideas, and we’ve clearly stated where we have been provided with a […]

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Christmas gifts for seniors 2020

Check out our 2023 gift guide for seniors for the latest suggestions. Finding a gift that will be appreciated by our older family and friends can be tricky. In our annual round up of present ideas we try hard to find ideas that are original, fun or luxurious. Our latest 2022 gift guide for parents […]

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Christmas gifts for older family and friends 2019

This is our gift list for 2019. Many of the ideas here are still available. But for the latest update, visit our new list of ideas for thoughtful gifts for 2021. Finding the right present for an older parent or grandparent gets increasingly hard. So we’ve been looking for gifts that add fun and luxury to […]

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Christmas celebrations and dementia

Christmas and other family celebrations can be an overwhelming time for someone living with dementia. A sudden influx of friends and family can cause individuals to feel stressed, agitated and confused. Active Minds outline their top tips for supporting your loved one through the Christmas period, ensuring you enjoy a magical festive time together. Planning […]

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