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Gifts for grandparents 2018 – what to wear

Gifts for grandparents glasses jewellery and clothing

By Kathy Lawrence

In this section of our 2018 gift guide for seniors, we look at ideas of what to wear – for style, charm and function.

As with our other reviews, we’ve made it clear where the supplier has sent us a sample for review. Do come back for more updates over the next few weeks.

Just beautiful

William Morris printWilliam Morris is regularly quoted as saying ‘Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.’ As we love Mr Morris’ designs we’d be happy to give house room to anything produced by the William Morris company. How about a lavender-filled Strawberry Thief eye mask? Or a collaboration with H&M to create scarves with Morris designs? Find more about the company on Facebook. You can also find William Morris prints on a range of homewares and fabrics at online and High St stores, including John Lewis.

Elephant charm necklace

Christmas gifts for seniors elephant charmAlso truly beautiful is this necklace sent to us from small independent jewellery creators Jana Reinhardt. They suggested that as a symbol of wisdom and memory, the elephant is a meaningful gift from the family and we liked that idea. The elephant a fully rounded and detailed charm so it stands out despite being quite small. We used the accompanying delicate silver chain to hang it just above the neckline. It felt good to wear and when we took it out for the day, it got noticed in a very positive ‘Ooh I’d like one of those’ way. As is fitting with the whole style of the piece, the clasp is small but easy to manage.  Jana Reinhardt tell us that every product is handmade and manufactured in their seaside workshop in Brighton. The necklace costs £89 and is available in a variety of colours from www.janareinhardt.com. 

Adjustable focus reading glasses

We explored this great idea a couple of years ago. Adjustable reading glasses let you turn the dials on each lens to set the glasses to the right strength for your eyes. We could see the value in a household where several people are constantly looking for their specs, as everyone could share a pair of adjustables. On the other hand we weren’t sure we’d want to be seen out in these rather clunky looking spectacles.

elderly gifts adjustable reading glassesTime has moved on though, and we’ve just tried out a designer version. We’ve received a sample of the grey tortoiseshell glasses in the Eyejusters Oxford range at £49. We very much like the design, although the lenses of adjustable glasses will always look a little odd. Changing the focus for each eye is really easy. The full range of British-made glasses has prices rising to £79, and are available online at Eyejusters. Readers of When They Get Older can get a discount of 10% until 15 January 2019 by using the code WTGO18. Eyejusters tell us they are also currently extending the 30-day trial period to 45 days from date of dispatch throughout the holiday period.

Green throw

Not exactly something to wear, although it works as a blanket, throw or picnic rug, we came across this at a craft fair and we so taken with it we bought one on the spot. The fascinating thing about this blanket is that it’s made from recycled plastic bottles. You’d think that would make it very harsh, but it’s certainly soft enough to snuggle under. On the other hand, we’re assured that because it’s made of plastic, owners have found they can even rinse red wine off it quite easily. Available in a range of colours, the blanket costs £45 plus delivery from the ethically sourced company Smashing Interiors.

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