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Kathy Lawrence

How to help elderly parents navigate their daily bathroom routine

In collaboration with Showerbuddy There are few daily routines quite as personal as using the bathroom. Privacy during bathing or using the toilet is part of maintaining our dignity and privacy. When someone experiences a loss in mobility, they are often required to rely upon others to manage such activities. Living with our elderly parents […]

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Can’t see the GP? What can you do?

Getting a face-to-face appointment with a doctor at the local surgery seems to have become almost impossible in many areas of the UK. There has been a great deal of anger focused on GP practices from people struggling to get the appointments they want. Yet according to GP leaders, more than half of all appointments […]

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Critical Health Issues to Look Out For as You Get Older

Collaborative Post There are a lot of health concerns that can arise as we get older. It is crucial to live a healthy life in order to mitigate the impact of ageing on our bodies. While a healthy lifestyle can help prevent many common issues, it is still essential to know the signs to look […]

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5-minute stress busters for caregivers

For those taking care of older relatives, stress can become overwhelming at times. No matter how much you love them, caring can be frustrating, and there are times you may want to shout, scream and even run away. That’s particularly true if dementia has made their behaviour erratic and challenging. Fortunately, there are some quick […]

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Retiring? Keep Yourself Busy With These Tips

Collaborative Post There are big congratulations to be heard when you retire. You’ve made it: you’ve spent your life in a business or two, you’ve got the watch and now you are looking at years ahead with unlimited free time. You finally get to choose what you want to do and do as you please. […]

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Starting a business later in life

Collaborative Post It’s never too late to chase your entrepreneurial dreams. If you have a business idea that you think could be successful and enjoyable, you should pursue it. Starting a business later in life may come with extra challenges but could also come with extra perks. This post offers a few tips on how […]

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