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Living independently for longer with clock and task alerts

Living at home independently for as long as possible is vitally important to quality of life for most older people. Deteriorating health, including memory problems, can make staying in their own home increasingly difficult though, and it can seem like going into care is the inevitable result.

This move can be delayed though, with the support of caregivers and constantly improving technology.

Relish is a company that has been developing products to support those with dementia for some years, and has now released (November 2023) a new Day Range to aid those with memory problems and early stage dementia by reminding them of their daily routines and help with their timekeeping.

We haven’t seen these products in action, but we are always impressed with the work that Relish does to support the dementia community.

Just to let you know, we are a Relish Associate, which means that although this article is is entirely independent, we may receive a small commission if you buy from their website.

Day Connect

The Day Connect clock keeps time even if it’s unplugged and automatically updates for Daylight Saving Time. It can be customised for personal preferences and will dim to ambient light levels automatically. Relish claims unrivalled contrast and clarity, making it helpful for those with impaired vision.

The Day Hub

Clocks and memory aids are among the top selling dementia products, and Relish’s Day Hub combines both products into one.

Many with dementia need a reminder of the time of day, to eat, wash, or even turn a light off. Even more, because of the reduction in memory inherent with dementia, they often can’t remember if they have carried out important tasks like taking medication, with the real risk of overdosing on medicine.

To address this challenge, Relish has included a customisable task list feature with a clock within the Day Hub to offer reminders with alerts to complete each task, with a visible daily record of tasks completed.

The Day Hub and Day Connect together

Pairing the Day Hub with the Day Connect means you can have devices in multiple rooms to never miss an alert.

Find out more about the Day Hub and Day Connect from the Relish website.

The Day Range will be available for purchase at www.relish-life.com and other retailers in November 2023.

Limited time offer With every radio and clock purchase made from 30th November until the 19th December, a free 63-piece puzzle will be automatically added to cart.

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