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Breathwork vs Meditation: Why Choosing Breathwork Could Transform Your Practice

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Today, more and more people are turning toward holistic approaches to health and wellness like yoga and meditation as we learn how much stress can impact our bodies. However, perhaps one of the most beneficial practices is just now entering main-stream culture – breathwork.

But what is breathwork and what are the benefits? Is this practice much different than yoga or meditation? Why is breathwork so powerful?

Keep reading to learn how to tap into the immense benefits of breathwork and start living your best life today.

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is the intentional manipulation of your breathing pattern to achieve a specific result. We often manipulate our breathing throughout our lives without even realizing it, like when we take a deep breath before doing something that frightens us, breathing through a painful experience, or relaxing at the end of the day.

If we choose to go to our breath in these situations, what might happen if we intentionally sit with our breath each day?

Breathwork sessions create a space for you to relax and focus solely on the moment at hand and how your breath feels entering and leaving your body. While this may seem similar to meditation or breathing exercises during your yoga class, it is fundamentally different.

Breathwork Vs Meditation

Meditation and breathwork share a few of the same components. They both help you relax which may also reduce the feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, or panic attacks. However, meditation focuses more on cognitive things while breathwork focuses on the physical feelings of breathing.

During meditation sessions, breathing techniques are used as a way to help calm down the central nervous system and help you focus. While meditation sessions utilize breathwork, breathwork specific sessions will offer an array of benefits.

Benefits of Breathwork

Benefits of breathing meditations and breathwork sessions can be felt in as little as one session. These practices help lower stress in individuals. In addition to the mental benefits, breathwork may help lower blood pressure, balance hormones, improve heart health, and may improve cognitive function and memory.

As we age, it is vital we take care of our mental and physical health. Taking the time now to introduce a sustainable fitness, nutrition, and relaxation regime can help us prepare for healthy aging.

How Do You Practice Breathwork?

Breathwork can be practiced almost anywhere and by anyone. Since these sessions utilize an activity we are doing subconsciously all day everyday – breathing, very little equipment is needed to begin.

Like all new exercise regimes, it is best to check with a doctor before beginning.

When you are ready to sit down for a breathwork session, it is vital that you wear comfortable clothes that allow for full expansion of the abdomen. Today, many people spend their days shallow breathing. During a breathwork session, your lungs are filled to capacity fully expanding your chest and abdomen, and you don’t want clothes to physically restrict that.

Breathwork can be performed seated or lying flat. Be sure to sit up straight for proper alignment. You can also keep a glass of water near you during your sessions. When we first begin breathing deeply, it may cause us to cough as we get used to it.

If you ever begin to feel light headed during a session, begin breathing normally again until the dizziness subsides and be sure to get up slowly.

Where Can I Learn About Breathwork?

While you may be introduced to breathing exercises from a yoga or meditation class, if you want to partake in a breathwork specific session, it is best to find a certified breathwork facilitator. These individuals are trained to help guide you on your breathwork journey whether you are a beginner or want to become a certified breathwork coach yourself.

Breathwork classes are best experienced in person with the guidance of a certified instructor. If you can’t locate an in-person event or are feeling a little unsure, connecting with a breathwork coach online is also a great option, especially for those beginning their journeys. This will allow the coach to walk you through the exercises as well as correct any postural mistake to allow you to get the most out of your sessions.


Stress and overwhelm seem to be taking over our lives in today’s world. Luckily, there are calming techniques that have been proven to help us relax. Since we understand how stress can negatively impact our minds and bodies, it is vital we take action to protect ourselves.

Holistic relaxation practices like yoga and meditation are some of the first things we think of when we think of relaxing techniques, but perhaps one of the most beneficial techniques is still relatively underutilized – breathwork.

While yoga and meditation offer elements of breathing exercises, breathwork sessions focus solely on breathing, allowing our bodies to fully expand with fresh oxygen rich air. These sessions may improve elements in our mental and physical health.

Learning about breathwork is easy. Connecting with a certified breathwork coach is the perfect way to begin or continue your breathwork journey. What may start as a simple habit may just change your life for the better. Breathwork offers you the tools to live a happier and healthier life.




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