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Four factors that contribute to a contented life

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Everyone is an individual, but when you zoom out a little, you see that we’re more similar than we are different. The vast majority of people want to simply be happy and content — and once you achieve it, life becomes pretty straightforward.

Of course, “achieving it” is often easier said than done. If it were easy, then we’d have a world full of happy souls, and all you need to do is look around to see that that is not the case. But it can be. In this post, we’ll outline four factors that can contribute to a happy life, and offer guidance on how to achieve them.

Work/Life Balance

 We all have to work in this world. Well, the majority of us, anyway. But sometimes, it feels like we’re working a little too much. Even if we’re not on the clock, work-related thoughts and stress can creep into our personal time, and — there’s no other way to say it — that ain’t fun. If you find it difficult to switch off from work and enjoy your free time, then see what can be done to change it. Speaking to your boss or putting a clear divide between work/non-work can be effective. For example, you might simply switch off your phone once the work day is done.

 Sound Health

 Sound health is a foundational component of a happy life. There’s simply no substitute for being in good health — it’s more important than money, career success, or whatever fun adventures you have planned. You’ll feel much better about life if you know that you have a firm grasp on your overall well-being. Following healthy habits, such as going to the gym, eating well, and avoiding harmful products, will all help. It’s also recommended to schedule a health check every few years, just to make sure that everything’s as it should be. As they say, it’s much easier to prevent a health issue than to treat it.


 As we get older, it becomes more clear that connections are really what makes life worth living. Where would you be, if you didn’t have your friends and family around you? It’s important to invest in your relationships, dedicating time and effort to ensure that they’re actively growing. Too many people lose touch with friends for reasons that are entirely avoidable. When you look back on your life when you’re older, it’ll be the people you met along the way that you remember.

 Overcoming Issues

 Everyone has battles to overcome. It can be difficult to face up to problems, but it’s a worthwhile and necessary journey. There’s simply nothing more satisfying than waking up knowing that you’ve worked past an issue that was dragging you down. Whether it’s smoking cigarettes, self-esteem, body image, or anything else, do the work to overcome it. There’ll be plenty of resources and people who can help you on your journey. And when you’ve completed the work, you’ll have a sense of peace and satisfaction that is unlike anything you’ve experienced before.



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