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Natural Remedies for Muscle Pain Relief

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Muscle pain in our loved elderly is something we all hate to see them suffer through – it stops them from being able to do so much that they would love to do. And most of the time, this impact extends to their family members and caretakers.

So for anyone, whether they’re a family member or an informal caretaker of an older person, it’s important to learn how exactly you should deal with muscle pain.

Natural remedies can do a lot to help manage pain while avoiding some common side effects that medications can cause.

Anyone who is caregiving an elderly loved one dealing with muscle pain can benefit by learning about what Deep Heat does, and some great Deep Heat alternatives to use to help manage the discomforts muscles pain causes.

Why Do the Elderly Suffer from Muscle Pain?

As aging occurs, normal muscle loss happens to everyone. Decrease in muscle gives senior adults more vulnerabilities to feel more aches and pains and even pull muscles easier then when they are younger.

A few other things that can contribute to this sort of muscle pain includes:

  • Lack of physical activity
  • Arthritis
  • Mobility issues
  • Or even a poor diet!

Once the cause of this pain in your loved one is figured out, it may be easier to help develop a plan to try to manage the pain.

What are Some Natural Remedies for Muscle Pain?

Of course, when considering pain remedies in the elderly it is important to first think about how safe the remedy is.

Here are some natural remedies that some use to help manage muscle pain in the elderly:

  • Topical herbal creams containing arnica or capsaicin can be useful for seniors’ muscle pain since they can be applied directly to the spot that aches and these natural remedies typically do not appear to cause systemic side effects
  • For a gentle massage, use lavender, chamomile and other calming essential oils to relax muscles, help relax the mind, and promote relaxation
  • A nice warm bath goes a long way! Epsom salts dissolve in warm water and release its magnesium which helps to relax muscles, decrease muscle stiffness and muscle pain. This remedy is also known to help promote falling asleep in many seniors. This is important because sleep is so important in order to help get a body to relax and to heal itself over time
  • Low impact exercise such as chair yoga is a wonderful form of exercise since it can help to promote flexibility in a safe way.

Helping your Elderly Loved Ones

Taking a few things into consideration before starting these remedies will save a lot of time and make your efforts all that much more worthwhile.

Make sure all products can be opened easily and applied simply, with special thought to whether the person’s mobility or conditions like arthritis will affect their ability to use the product.

A carer or family member should always help the elderly person apply muscle pain remedies like heat rubs or massages.

You should check how the person responds to the different remedies so you can tweak their remedies if necessary (e.g. if hot packs are giving them an itchy heat rash, increase the padding) or give them a cream with Aloe Heat Rub etc.


Regular natural muscle pain relief treatments can make a huge difference to an elderly person’s wellbeing, allowing them to deal with muscle aches and pains using treatments that are suitable for them. They can also not only help to soothe the body, but also allow loving carers and family to care for their elderly loved ones in a way that dignifies their seniority, using gentle effective methods that benefit without side-effects.

For more in-depth know-how on alternatives to common commercial muscle ache treatment, look into some great Deep Heat alternatives. Let’s get on-board with  natural remedies, for our elderly to live more comfortable, active and fuller lives.

This article is for information only. Please consult a medical practitioner if you have any health or medication concerns.

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