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How can you help your parent stay well for as long as possible and find their way through a complex health system?

The latest on staying healthy in later life

We report on the latest news and research around enjoying a prolonged and healthy life in senior years. The herb rosemary may be useful in fighting Covid-19 and other inflammatory diseases such as Alzheimer’s according to US research. Preliminary results suggest that the carsonic acid, present in the herb, can impede interactions between the virus […]

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How to make a funeral feel more personal

Collaborative Post Planning a funeral is no easy feat and with a long list of things to organise while you’re adjusting to life without your loved one, it can feel like a monumental task. If the deceased was older, or their death was expected, they may have created a funeral plan. However, this isn’t always […]

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A guide to mental health in the elderly – how to help a loved one in need

Collaborative Post The elderly population is growing with each passing year. As more people live their lives into old age, it becomes more important to be aware of their needs and support what they need most. The elderly population is one group at higher risk for developing mental illnesses like depression and dementia. This post […]

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The Next of Kin Myth

There’s a strong belief that if someone loses capacity to make decisions for themselves for some reason – perhaps an accident or dementia – then the next of kin can take responsibility. But actually both the concept and the rights of next of kin are not as clear cut as we might think. Here are […]

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