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How can you help your parent stay well for as long as possible and find their way through a complex health system?

How to stop incontinence affecting your mentality

Collaborative Post At HARTMANN Direct, we are interested in understanding the impact of incontinence on the mind as well as the body. We are aware that issues of bladder and bowel control can be physically draining, especially for the elderly. However, what is less well addressed is the emotional impact of incontinence. The worry and […]

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How can an end of life doula help my family?

While doulas are becoming more well-known in the UK, they’re usually associated with the process of giving birth. Yet today there’s a growing band of end of life doulas, whose role it is to help people with life-limiting conditions and those they love to get the most out of the time they have left together. […]

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Why you should opt for an electric wheelchair over a manual wheelchair

Collaborative Post For those facing the choice between electric wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs, the decision can seem mind-boggling at times. But when the facts are laid out, the advantages of using a power chair are obvious. While manual chairs do have some plus points, they are vastly outweighed by the pros of their electric cousins. That […]

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Tips to help the elderly access the toilet at night

Collaborative post Help in the dark hours is important, as the night time is more of a struggle for the elderly than the day. A common issue as people get older is nocturia. This is when the body still needs us to go to the toilet regularly, even when asleep. Regular toilet-going means more than […]

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Making sure the elderly don’t lose their independence

Collaborative Post Unfortunately, one of the sad aspects about getting older is that we can start to rely more and more on other people to help us get around in our day-to-day lives. There are, however, ways that people with limited mobility can maintain their independence, taking some of the weight off those who care […]

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Taking care of your mind as you age

Collaborative Post While none of us really like to think about it, it’s generally accepted that our minds will deteriorate a bit as we age. That doesn’t have to be the case though. While genetics and pre-disposition may have a role to play, there are things that we can do to keep our minds strong […]

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