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How online pharmacies can help in elder healthcare

If it’s difficult for your older friends or family to get out of the house then using an online pharmacy for certain medications and to fulfil prescriptions can be a useful option.

This article is provided by Doctor Fox, an online medical clinic and pharmacy registered with the Care Quality Commission.

Sometimes bad weather or health issues can make it hard for an older person to venture out to the shops.

And as time goes on, mobility can become a significant problem. You may no longer be able to pack mum or dad into the car to shop for a new pair of shoes, or take them out to buy groceries. The inability to walk long distances or even be moved from a bed can make the simplest outings a much bigger chore.

When it comes to medication, an online pharmacy can help. If your relative is online they could potentially be diagnosed or treated through an online consultation, saving them a trip to the GP. That’s not always the case but even if they do need an initial face-to-face consultation it may still be convenient to order the medications online.

Saving time at the surgery

The idea behind ethical online pharmacies is that there are many unnecessary appointments in surgeries for things that patients may not need to take the GP’s time for. And sometimes it’s difficult to visit the GP every time a smaller health issue arises.

Online pharmacies work at the minor end of the treatment spectrum, dispensing mainly low-toxicity medications and those available from community pharmacies. They also provide items rationed by the health service as well as medications the NHS does not pay for.

The advantage is that you don’t have to leave the house to obtain them, and they are generally offered at a lower cost to the consumer. Consultancy is offered in the form of an online consultation, though care is taken to ensure you visit your GP if needed.

Following an online consultation (a questionnaire to diagnose the condition, check for suitability and rule out contraindications), medications for smaller health issues can be dispensed through the post.

The online pharmacy will notify users as to whether each medication is by prescription only or if it can be obtained without one. If no contraindications are identified the patient can proceed to place an order for the prescribed medication if desired.

Managing smaller health issues

You can consider using an online pharmacy for your relative or yourself for condition such as:

  • Skin conditions. Eczema and dry skin, unwanted facial hair and rosacea are all good examples of conditions that can be diagnosed during an online consultation.
  • Migraines. Migraine medications can be dispensed from an online pharmacy. It is important to consult with a doctor if the migraines begin over age 40. An online doctor can provide a professional consultation.
  • Gastrointestinal issues. Medications for acid reflux (also known as heartburn and acid indigestion) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can be provided by an online pharmacy although they may require a face-to-face doctor’s visit for the initial diagnosis.
  • Hay fever. Allergies and hay fever are normally treated with antihistamine medication. You may need to try several different antihistamines before finding one that works. An online pharmacy can make it more convenient to identify which one is best to suit each individual.

Non-prescription treatments that can be provided by an online pharmacy include medications for thrush and travel sickness.

Finding reliable information

The person you are caring for may even enjoy learning more about the condition online. Not all online sources offer reliable medical information, but reputable online pharmacies such as Dr. Fox are administered by British GMC doctors and regulated by the Care Quality Commission and supplied from a UK registered pharmacy.

This not only ensures correct medical information, but it is also a way to ensure you are using a bona fide pharmacist. Read more about how to protect yourself from illegal medical websites by clicking here.

On the website Dr. Fox provides professional medical explanations of the conditions as well as detailed information regarding any potential side effects of medications and important safety considerations. To compare information you can also visit consult NHS Choices.

Companies like Dr. Fox Online Doctor and Pharmacy are not only UK-regulated and registered, but they also offer a wealth of researched information about medical conditions regardless of whether you place an order for medication.

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