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Say goodbye to excess water in your body

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Feeling puffy, heavy and putting on extra weight? It’s possible that you are experiencing water retention.

Although water is essential for us to live, excess water in the body is not good. Here are some suggested ways to get rid of retained water from the body.

However, before we get into ways to combat excess water, it is helpful to understand what the problem we are facing actually is. As you can easily guess, this concerns the accumulation of water that has not been removed from the body. Its excess is present in the tissues of the body, and can easily be seen on the arms or legs, or even the face.

The reasons can be very varied. The most common include a poor diet, lack of exercise or hormonal problems.

Diet and excess water in the body

Diet is an important factor in the issue of water retention. A healthy diet strongly influences many aspects of the appearance, well-being and functioning of the body.

Reducing salt intake can help in saying goodbye to unnecessary water retention. Those who cannot imagine their daily diet without salt, could try stocking up on salt with a reduced amount of sodium.

Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables is also often recommended. Here, it is worth choosing those rich in natural bioflavonoids, such as apples or citrus fruits.

In addition, a fibre-rich diet is also a good idea. The presence of fibre in the diet can help remove excess water from, among other things, the digestive tract.

Water retention and physical activity

Another habit recommended by doctors and nutritionists for all sorts of good reasons is to include physical activity in your daily routine.

Movement is also thought to help with lowering excess water in the body. Cardio training, such as running or jogging, swimming, cycling, or inline skating could all help.

The most important thing is to find a sport that you will enjoy the most, as this will ensure that your physical activity adventure does not end after a few attempts.

It is also worth remembering to move when doing everyday chores. Taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking to go shopping, and getting off the bus to work a stop earlier are just some suggestions.

Help with excess water

There are also products available that offer to quickly and easily remove excess water from the body. Dietary supplements can support your efforts to achieve a healthy water balance as well as other health issues.

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