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5 tips to feel good when you’re staying home for the summer

Staycationing for older people

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The rules around what we can and can’t do around travel and vacations are changing at a rapid pace.

The chances are though that our older family members won’t all feel entirely comfortable about a holiday away from home for a while to come.

So how can we and they get back that feel-good holiday feeling without leaving home? Here are a few ideas for feeling well and happy at any time.

Explore well-being

It’s a good time to investigate the benefits of diet, supplements and exercise for longer-term improvements to health and feelings of well-being.

You could take a look at the range of vitamins and supplements available that can boost mood and well-being in the longer term such as CBD oil.

Interest in CBD, otherwise known as Cannabidiol, has grown significantly in recent times, as people look for low-risk, high-quality ways to enjoy well-balanced bodily function. There’s a wealth of information on Cibdol.com about how CBD can potentially deliver benefits  benefits from better sleep through increased appetite to improved mood. Derived from the hemp plant, it’s available in a range of forms, although for older people CBD oil is often the favourite.

There’s been much discussion of ways to support our immune systems, such as our eating habits. The importance of vitamins in our diets, including vitamin C and vitamin D has also been subject for debate doing the pandemic. Taking up a new form of exercise, such as tai chi, can also be a great mood booster as well as being good for health.

Theme a week

Missing holidays abroad? Why not go French, Italian, or American? You could order in the ingredients for a week’s meals in your favourite cuisines. Or seek out recommendations for takeaways as a treat. Even little changes such croissants and coffee for breakfast instead of your usual toast can take you back to more carefree days.

Change your listening and viewing habits

Most holidays include a break from constant news reporting. A week away from media of any sort, including social media, is a great way to relax.

Find some new films and shows to enjoy, or if lockdown has exhausted those possibilities, why not wallow in a little nostalgia and watch or listen again to programmes you enjoyed years ago? Radio 4Extra is a great place to find repeats of excellent radio, available on digital radios and the BBC Sounds app.

Nurture a plant

As spring turns into summer, the joy of watching a plant grow that we have nurtured ourselves can really raise the spirits. And if it’s edible, even better. You don’t have to grow from seed if you’re not an expert. Just one tomato plant that you can feed and water can provide you with something that tastes many times better than standard supermarket fare.

Or if that’s not quite your thing, you could choose a bowl or two of flowering plants that you can enjoy throughout the summer with a little attention.

Days out

If some travel is allowed, book a few slots at gardens or historic houses that you haven’t visited recently.

If we still have to stay close to home, changing your routine could be surprisingly entertaining. Perhaps borrow a dog and head for the park. Even walking your usual route back-to-front or at a different time of day could make a difference.

Many of us are looking forward to a time when we can take a holiday safely again. But in whatever the ‘new normal’ turns out to be, it’s always good to explore new ways to enjoy life at home.

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