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Sports to try in retirement

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When it’s time to retire, a whole new chapter of life begins. This is one where the world truly is your oyster and you can do all the things you never got the chance to before. This could include travelling the world, learning a new skill or even trying a new sport.

Picking up a new sport in retirement is good for many reasons. First of all, it will cure any potential boredom. Secondly, it will keep you active and could help keep illnesses such as heart disease at bay.

It is recommended that older adults do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every week to stay as healthy as possible. If that sounds good then it is time to decide which sport you will do. Read on to find out what the best sports to try in retirement are.


With around 763,000 adults playing golf at least twice a month, this is one of the most popular sports in England. It provides healthy competition and has quite a low impact on the body, which makes it a great sport for older people who aren’t as agile as they once were.

You’ll need a club membership, some playing clubs and, to protect yourself while out on the course, golf insurance to get started. The insurance will mean you could be covered for any accidental damage caused on the course, provided you are found to have been negligent.


A sport that is admired among retirees, bowls is fun for all involved. The rules of the game are simple too; whoever bowls their ball closest to the jack wins. It can therefore be picked up relatively quickly and with little equipment needed it won’t break the bank to play.


Swimming is good for all ages but is a wonderful sport for those in retirement due to the many benefits involved. It can improve heart health, increase flexibility and enhance muscle strength. Plus, it is gentle on the joints and that reduces the chances of injury.


Although you may not be as quick as you once were, tennis is still a sport that you can enjoy. This activity is a great choice for older adults as it requires almost the whole body to play.

Tennis is also a good sport for socialising as you can chat while you play and then in the clubhouse after the session too. Loneliness is a big problem for older people and this sport can prevent that from being an issue for you.

No matter which sport you choose, when you put enough work into it you can reap the rewards. Get started today and feel healthy in your retirement.


Photo by Deanna Wong on Unsplash


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