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Your questions about rollators answered

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Also called a walker with wheels, a rollator is essentially a walking aid that consists of a frame, two handlebars for ease of use, and either three or four wheels. Some models also come with a seat so that users can stop and rest when they choose to. Rollators are great for those struggling with mobility problems, or those who can walk on their own but require slight assistance or can tire easily due to chronic health issues.

One of the main benefits of rollators is that they can be accessorised to meet your needs. For example, a basket can be added to accommodate handbags or other items you may need to have handy. These mobility aids come in varying styles and sizes, with lightweight and foldable options available too. First made in 1978, they’re a great choice for anyone looking to gain back some independence in their day-to-day lives.

Whether you’re looking into rollators for yourself or for a loved one, we’ve delved into the most frequently asked questions below so you don’t have to.

 What is a rollator used for?

Unlike a walker, rollators help the user move forward without them having to lift the frame. Each leg on a rollator comes with a pivotal wheel, and some models come with seating to aid the user further.

 Can a rollator be used as a wheelchair?

Although not intended to be used as a wheelchair, rollators can be utilised as one whenever the user chooses to use it. Of course, not all rollators come with a seat. Be sure to shop around for the right model if you’re likely to use your rollator as a wheelchair.

Can I take a rollator on a plane?

Rollators can be bulky, so taking them to a place with you isn’t always an option unless they can fold down easily. In most cases, your rollator will need to be checked in as baggage. However, this is usually free of charge and you can request a wheelchair at the airport to help you get around before you board your flight.

How high should the handles be on a rollator?

As a general rule, the grip on the handles of your rollator should line up easily with your wrist whilst standing. This is a good way of knowing if your rollator is the right height for your size.

How do I adjust a rollator?

Adjusting a rollator is really easy to do. We’ve found an informational demonstration here. If your model is different, it may be best to check the manual that came with the rollator or contact the store from which you purchased the rollator.

 How to choose the right rollator?

Rollators come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are built for letting the user rest, while others are more hardy and can be used on different terrains. First, find which rollator is better suited for its intended use. If you need a rollator indoors, then ensure it’s small enough to swing around corners and doorways. If your rollator will be used outdoors, opt for a larger model with more robust wheels.

What’s the difference between a walker and a rollator?

The key difference between rollators and walkers is that walkers must be lifted in order for the user to propel themselves forward. With a rollator, the user needs only push forward to move.

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