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Making sure the elderly don’t lose their independence

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Unfortunately, one of the sad aspects about getting older is that we can start to rely more and more on other people to help us get around in our day-to-day lives. There are, however, ways that people with limited mobility can maintain their independence, taking some of the weight off those who care for them.

There are a number of different methods that have been created to help them do just that. In this blog we have compiled three of those methods, so if you care for an elderly relative take note because this could change both of your lives for the better.

Walking Aids

First and foremost, walking frames have been around for a long time and are one of the best, and cheapest, options available.

People might also benefit from a Zimmer frame that takes some of the weight off as they walk around shops, or a rollator, which is essentially a Zimmer frame on wheels, and can be used to help them balance. Both of these are great and provide a safe feeling in case they lose their balance whilst walking.

They are not great for longer journeys and days out but they do allow elderly people to move around shops with ease and are very usable with public transport.


Wheelchairs are one of the most popular options and it’s easy to see why. They were created to help those with mobility issues to get around either independently or pushed by a carer. There are self-propelled wheelchairs available which allow the user to push themselves independently without the need of a carer.

There are also electric wheelchairs which are incredibly easy for the user. They are particularly useful for longer journeys and days out. Again, they don’t need an additional person to push them and can be used independently by the user. Lightweight wheelchairs are also a great alternative as they are easily transportable and can fit quite easily into the back of a car. They are also easily propelled by the user.

Mobility Scooters

For longer haul journeys and days out, mobility scooters are an incredibly easy and popular way of getting around. There are even road legal mobility scooters available if someone needs to visit a store that is around a mile away.

Mobility scooters often have longer battery lives than electric wheelchairs as they have additional battery capacity. If you are needing something that is easily transported then there are lightweight scooters. These can be easily lifted in and out of a car if you are taking them on a day out.

Sometimes one of the hardest parts of growing old is the reliance on other people to help you, whether that be a relative or a carer.

The options we have mentioned here allow people who are elderly, have joint issues or mobility problems to keep that independence that they often crave. These aids offer the ability to take themselves to the store and ensure that they never have to miss out on any of lives most precious moments.

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